The holiday season is a busy time of year, and what better way to wind down than some cozy at home Christmas activities for kids? Preschool and kindergarten-aged children will experience a lot of sensory overload from music, lights, big crowds, etc. They will love to spend some one on one time with you, enjoying some fun themed activities. In this post, we’ve got 20 perfect ideas for staying in and crafting together.

4 different christmas activities for children, including coloring page, painted rocks, and ornament crafts.

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20 at-home Christmas activities for kids

wooden bead ornament with child's coloring and red yarn.

Easy Christmas crafts for kids to make – bead ornament

Looking for easy Christmas crafts for kids to make? Try this simple wooden bead ornament! What you’ll need: Originally, my preschooler had picked paint colors he wanted to use, and then decided last minute he wanted to use crayons instead. He was so excited to make an ornament for the tree that he didn’t want Read more…

25 Gifts of Service Advent Calendar + FREE Printable for Kids

Download your FREE Gifts of Service Advent Calendar to use with your kids to bring meaning to the holiday season.

free printable ugly sweater coloring pages - a line of crayons next to a dinosaur ugly sweater

Free printable ugly Christmas sweater coloring pages

Looking for fun holiday ugly Christmas sweater coloring pages for your kids? We’ve got a 20 page free printable coloring book for you! My kids are big ugly sweater fans. They don’t actually like to WEAR them, but we usually get an ugly sweater cookie decorating kit every year, and somtimes another similar craft. Here’s Read more…

DIY Christmas Game: Water Bottle Bowling

Give the family something to do this holiday with this DIY Christmas game of water bottle bowling made from upcycled plastic bottles! 

coloring sheet of Christmas bookmarks on twinkle lights background with crayons.

Christmas crafts for kids using paper : coloring bookmarks

Looking for some fun Christmas crafts for kids using paper? We’ve got some festive, free printable holiday bookmarks for your little ones to cut and color. Gather some new books to read and you’ve got the perfect cozy afternoon. I love when everything in the stores change over to the different holidays, especially the bookstores Read more…

Miniature Gluten-Free Gingerbread Houses with Orange Zest

These miniature gluten-free gingerbread houses are easy to make and delicious! Find out the simple secret to making this Christmas tradition gluten-free.

How to Make the Easiest Salt Dough Ornaments for Christmas

Learn how to make salt dough ornaments the easy way. This is a simple recipe that can be used to make Christmas ornaments.

Advent Wreath Activity

An advent wreath activity is a great family tradition to help your kids learn about and remember what Christmas is all about.

Easy to Make Silly Christmas Rock Painting Ideas that will make you smile

Try these silly Christmas rock painting ideas like “Go Elf Yourself”, Santa stuck in a chimney, and Rudolph the red nose reindeer.

Best Christmas scavenger hunt printable (18 Unique Clue Cards)

Our Christmas scavenger hunt printable is a fun activity for older and younger kids during the holiday season. 

Christmas Color by Number (Free Printables)

Get 6 free printable Christmas color by number pages! Get a printable coloring page Santa, elf, presents, Christmas tree and more!

Easy Cotton Ball Santa Craft for Kids (Free Printable)

Here’s an Easy Cotton Ball Santa Craft for Kids! Its’s a fun and easy Christmas Craft for toddlers, preschoolers and Kindergarten!

Christmas Tree Name Craft For Kids

Fun, easy, & free Christmas tree name craft for kids! Great for preschool, pre k, + kindergarten. Use it at home or at school!

I Spy Christmas Worksheet (Best FREE Holiday Printable)

Our free printable I Spy Christmas worksheet is a fun activity for kids of all ages during the Christmas season.

Free Printable Christmas Tic Tac Toe

Our free printable Christmas Tic Tac Toe game is a fun game and great boredom buster for kids of all ages during the holidays.

Free Printable Christmas Dice Game for Gift Exchanges

Add some fun to your holiday gatherings with this free printable Christmas dice game sheet.

How to Make an Easy Reindeer Ornament Craft for Kids

Learn how to make a super simple jingle bell reindeer ornament, perfect for kids to make as a party activity. It’s also a great gift for teachers to make for students. 

Easy Bead Candy Cane Ornament DIY 

Here’s a fun easy Christmas craft for Kids! This Bead Candy Cane Ornament DIY is perfect for classroom holiday parties! No glue and no paint!

Easy Nutter Butter Reindeer Snowman and Santa Cookies

Learn how to make easy Nutter Butter reindeer, snowman and Santa cookies using simple supplies.

Christmas Sour Cream Sugar Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting

These cream cheese frosting recipes for sugar cookies are the perfect Christmas cookie! Soft, easily cut, and not too sweet!

Here are some tips for a magical Christmas experience with your little ones.

Create a Cozy Atmosphere:

Infuse your home with the warmth of the season by creating a cozy atmosphere. Soft lighting, twinkly lights, and festive decorations contribute to a welcoming environment that captivates the imagination of preschoolers.

Incorporate Simple Traditions:

Introduce simple traditions that can easily become part of your family’s holiday experience. Whether it’s a special bedtime story, a nightly ritual like turning on the Christmas tree lights, or even a designated festive pajama day, these easy traditions create a sense of anticipation and comfort for preschoolers.

Join in the Magic of Storytelling:

Read Christmas-themed books together, exploring tales of joy, generosity, and wonder. Encourage them to share their interpretations of the stories, fostering language development and imaginative thinking.

Embrace Spontaneous Moments:

Preschoolers are often delighted by unexpected surprises, so start that impromptu kitchen dance party, spontaneous carol singing, or cozy movie night with their favorite festive films.

Involve Them in Preparations:

Children love to be involved in the preparations, and the holidays are no exception. Whether it’s assisting in wrapping simple gifts, arranging cookies on a plate for Santa, or helping set the holiday table, these activities provide a sense of contribution and inclusion.

Navigate the Season at Their Pace:

Recognize that preschoolers may not have the stamina for long and elaborate activities. Plan shorter, age-appropriate engagements that capture their interest without overwhelming them. This ensures a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Emphasize the Joy of Giving:

Encourage the spirit of giving by involving your preschoolers in simple acts of kindness. This could include creating handmade cards for loved ones, participating in a charitable activity, or sharing a small treat with a neighbor.

Capture Precious Moments:

Take time to capture the precious moments of the season. Whether it’s through photos, drawings, or a simple journal, documenting shared experiences becomes a cherished keepsake.

Being Present and Mindful:

Above all, be present and mindful during this special time. Engage in activities with a focus on connection rather than completion. The joy of the season is often found in the shared laughter, the sparkle in their eyes, and the bonds strengthened through these moments.

General tips for baking and crafting with preschoolers and kindergarteners

  • Ensure that all craft supplies are age-appropriate and non-toxic.
  • Select projects that match your child’s skill level and attention span. Short and simple projects work best for younger children.
  • Crafting can get messy, so prepare for easy cleanup. Lay down a plastic tablecloth or newspaper to catch any spills. Keep a damp cloth nearby for quick cleanups.
  • Encourage your child to enjoy the creative process, rather than focusing solely on the final product. Praise their effort and imagination.
  • Crafting can be a valuable lesson in patience. Help your child understand that it’s okay to make mistakes and that learning is part of the fun.
  • Display your child’s creations around the house as part of your holiday decor. They will be proud to see their crafts included (and they will end up in the background of your Christmas photos, which are fun to look back on).

Now it’s time to gather your supplies / ingredients, and enjoy making beautiful memories together. Merry Christmas!

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