December is the ideal month to inspire your little ones’ creativity with daily drawing prompts for preschool kids. Whether they’re sketching snowy landscapes or woodland animals wearing winter scarves, we’ve prepared an enchanting list of prompts that will set your child’s imagination ablaze. Prepare for a month of artistic adventure filled with the magic of the holidays!

two plates piled with gingerbread men.

What are drawing prompts for preschool kids?

Drawing prompts are creative suggestions that are designed to spark a child’s imagination and / or help them get through a creative block. They come in different forms, such as a word or phrase, or they can be an unfinished drawing that the child can complete. The prompts below are open ended, so your child can envision each scene and just roll with whatever comes to mind.

Here is your December inspiration!

  • a snowy winter wonderland scene
  • a festive Christmas tree with ornaments
  • a cozy snowman all bundled up
  • a pair of warm mittens for chilly days
  • a gingerbread house with candy decorations
  • a snowy penguin waddling on ice
  • a holiday wreath with ribbons and bows
  • a steaming mug of hot cocoa with marshmallows
  • a sparkling snowflake with intricate patterns
  • a winter birdhouse with colorful feathered visitors
  • a pair of ice skates for winter fun
  • a snowy owl perched on a branch
  • a stack of holiday presents with ribbons
  • a reindeer with antlers and a red nose
  • a plate of delicious holiday cookies
  • a pair of warm winter boots
  • a candlelit menorah for Hanukkah
  • a holiday parade with marching bands.
  • a snow globe with a winter scene
  • a glittering holiday ornament
  • a cozy fireplace with crackling log
  • a holiday gingerbread man with icing
  • a warm winter hat with a pom-pom
  • a holiday-themed cupcake with frosting
  • a winter scene with a snow-covered village
  • a group of children building a snowman
  • a toy train chugging along the track
  • a snowy mountain top village
  • a cozy holiday sweater with patterns
  • a cheerful polar bear wearing in a scarf
  • a group of squirrels sharing holiday nuts

We hope your child has fun working on these December drawing prompts. Filling a sketchbook with a month of short daily drawings is a wonderful way to celebrate the season. Keep those creative juices flowing and remember to encourage your child to take a few minutes to make art every day!

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