Your little one will love practicing cutting with these festive Christmas preschool scissor skills printable. Kids can also use the cut outs as part of holiday artwork or decorations. Let’s get started!

4 sheets of christmas themed cutting practice printables. includes candy canes, ornaments, a gift box, and a wreath.

How do you practice preschool scissors skills?

Provide your child with a variety of materials to practice cutting, such as magazine pages, playdoh, felt, fabric, and ribbon.

Also, ask your child to help you cut open any bags or envelopes when making snacks or meals. Kids love helping out!

For further cutting practice, preschoolers will also enjoy this Christmas color matching activity. They can cut out the pieces, and then sort and match.

What are the skills needed for using scissors?

Prior to using scissors, kids need to develop the muscles in their hands so they’re able to use a grasp-release motion. A great exercise for little hands is using a spray bottle filled with water. You can find small spray bottles in the travel size section of your grocery store. Kids LOVE spraying. They can spray the plants outside, spray the tub walls during their bath, spray and wipe a window, you name it.

Working with Play Doh is also a great hand strengthener. Kneading, squeezing, pinching – all of these motions will work those muscles. This playdough fine motor activities pdf is a fun way to both strengthen hands and improve fine motor skills.

Opening and closing clothespins is another good activity. Kids can open clothespins and pin them around a paper plate or use them to pick up little objects.

They also need to be able to use a preferred hand and a helper hand. The preferred hand will be doing the cutting, while the helper hand holds the paper.

When should I start teaching scissor skills?

If your preschooler is beginning to show interest in using scissors, help them strengthen their hand and wrist muscles during play.

How do you introduce scissors to preschoolers?

Once your child has worked on their pre-cutting skills to strengthen their hands, show them the correct way to hold the scissors. Show them how to open and close them, and don’t forget to talk about safety. Show them how to cut away from themselves, not cut near their face, and to always close the blades when not in use. No running with scissors!

How to use this Christmas scissor skills printable

Simply download the cutting worksheets and print on to heavy weight paper, such as construction paper or cardstock. If you don’t have either of these, printer paper is fine. Ask your child to cut along each line until they cut out all the Christmas ornaments.

Kids can also use the cutout ornaments to make festive holiday collages or decorate their room.

Click here to download the Christmas scissor skills : preschool free printable

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