January is the ideal month to inspire your little ones’ creativity with daily drawing prompts for kindergarten kids. Whether they’re sketching a cheerful penguin family or a cozy cabin in the woods, we’ve prepared an playful list of prompts that your child will look forward to each day. Prepare for a month of imaginative art filled with the excitement of the new year!

child drawing in a notebook using a yellow crayon

What are drawing prompts for kids?

Drawing prompts are creative suggestions that are designed to spark a child’s imagination and / or help them get through a creative block. They come in different forms, such as a word or phrase, or they can be an unfinished drawing that the child can complete. The prompts below are open ended, so your child can envision each scene and just roll with whatever comes to mind.

Here is your January inspiration!

  • a festive New Year’s party with fireworks
  • a penguin sliding on icy terrain
  • a family of polar bears in the Arctic
  • a cheerful snowman with a carrot nose
  • a clock striking midnight on New Year’s Eve
  • a cute fox in a winter forest
  • a frosty snowball fight scene
  • a wacky party hat for a New Year’s celebration
  • a winter penguin parade
  • a family of deer in a snowy forest
  • a sparkling ice castle
  • a winter-themed birthday cake for January birthdays
  • a happy snowman family
  • a snow globe with a winter scene
  • a hot cup of tea in a fancy mug
  • a penguin wearing a winter sweater
  • a snowy owl with big, round eyes
  • a snowy bridge over a frozen river
  • a winter sled ready for snowy adventures
  • a cozy winter living room with a fireplace
  • a snow angel in fresh, fluffy snow
  • a stack of fluffy pancakes with maple syrup
  • a snow-covered gingerbread village
  • a winter scarf with colorful stripes
  • a hot cup of cocoa with marshmallows
  • a sparkling New Year’s ball drop
  • a snow-covered treehouse
  • a bear hibernating in a cave
  • a squirrel wearing colorful mittens
  • a kids’ ski race down a snowy slope
  • a winter campfire scene with s’mores

We hope your child has fun working on these January drawing prompts. Filling a sketchbook with a month of short daily drawings is a wonderful way to celebrate the season. Keep those creative juices flowing and remember to encourage your child to take a few minutes to make art every day!

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