The holiday season is a magical time of year, and what better way to celebrate than by creating festive Christmas crafts with your little ones? Preschool and kindergarten-aged children are full of creative energy, and love all kinds of themed activities. In this post, we’ve got 20+ construction paper Christmas crafts for kids and talk about why construction paper is one of our favorite crafting materials.

collage of christmas crafts for children made from construction paper.

Why we love construction paper for preschool / kindergarten crafts

Children love to explore, experiment, and create, and when it comes to crafting materials that cater to their needs, construction paper shines as an absolute favorite. Here’s why construction paper is a favorite crafting material for preschool kids.

  • Easy to Handle: Construction paper is perfect for small hands. It’s lightweight and easy to handle. This makes it an ideal choice for very young children who are just beginning to create arts and crafts.
  • Vibrant Colors: Construction paper comes in a wide array of colors. Preschoolers are drawn to bright and vivid hues, and the bright shades makes crafting more exciting and visually stimulating for them.
  • Easy to Cut: Cutting with scissors is an important skill for preschoolers to develop. Construction paper is forgiving and easy to cut, helping children improve their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Click here for printable scissor skills practice sheets

  • Versatility: Preschool projects can range from simple cutouts to more complex creations. Construction paper can be easily cut, folded, and glued, making it versatile enough for a wide range of crafting endeavors.
  • Affordable and Accessible: Construction paper is cost-effective and widely available. Parents and teachers appreciate that it doesn’t break the bank and can be purchased at the dollar store, or in bulk, making it a staple in preschool classrooms and homes.

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20+ construction paper Christmas crafts for kids

Christmas Stocking Pop-Up Card (with VIDEO)

Guaranteed to spread Christmas cheer!! These Christmas Stocking Pop-Up Cards are such a cute kid-made keepsake gift to make in the classroom or at home.

Kid Photo Christmas Tree Card

This kid-made photo Christmas tree card is a keepsake that friends and family will treasure for years to come! Easy paper craft with simple supplies.

Handprint Angel Christmas Card

Spread good tidings with this adorable kid-made Handprint Angel Christmas Card! Easy keepsake kids paper craft using simple supplies.

Make An Easy Holiday Paper Chain Countdown (with Free Printables!)

This DIY paper chain countdown to winter holidays is a simple and easy December craft for kids with endless uses and many opportunities to recycle old artwork or scrap paper.

Homemade Button Cards for Christmas

With these cute button cards you can make a snowman, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, a Christmas tree and a garland of button ornaments!

Christmas Crafts for Kids: Dot Marker Christmas Tree Lights Craft

Looking for fun and easy Christmas crafts for kids of all ages? Toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners will love this Dot Marker Christmas Lights craft.

Cardboard Tube Christmas Village

It’s amazing what you can make out of a recycled cardboard tube. Take this little Christmas village for example. I only have six buildings here, but imagine how expansive it could be! 

Handprint Reindeer Craft

Download your Free Template and make this Adorable Reindeer Craft with your Child’s Handprint. The Perfect Craft to Make this Christmas!

Adorable Elf Handprint Craft for Christmas [Free Template]

Get into the Christmas spirit with this cute elf handprint craft! This craft uses your kid’s hand as the base and makes a wonderful keepsake or Christmas card for friends and family. 

How to Make Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

Make your Christmas extra special this year with a festive and unique handprint Christmas tree craft! Have fun spending quality time and creating lasting memories with your little one.

Festive Santa Handprint Craft For Kids [Free Template]

Make this easy Santa handprint craft this winter with just a few simple supplies. Download the free template and make it at school, at home, or at church! It’s great for preschoolers and kindergarten children. 

Festive 3D Paper Christmas Craft [FREE Template]

Learn how to make a 3D Paper Christmas Craft with this Free Printable Template and easy to follow step-by-step tutorial. Upcycle Craft.

Handprint Reindeer Craft For Kids [Free Template]

This Christmas, celebrate Rudolph with this handprint reindeer craft the kids will love! It’s a fun project that comes with a FREE template. Make it with preschool, prek, and kindergarten kids.

Santa’s Cookie Plate Name Craft For Kids [Free Template]

Let your kids make their very own version of this Santa’s cookie plate name craft with the FREE download. Great for preschool, pre k, & kindergarten.

Easy Winter Tree Craft – Marble Painting (Free Printable)

Looking for an Easy Winter Tree Craft for kids? Check out this Marble Painting Preschool Activity! It’s super easy with the free printable winter tree template. 

Cute Paper Gingerbread House Craft for Kids

Create a cute paper Gingerbread House Craft with your kids without the mess of frosting or baking.

Handprint Christmas Tree

This Handprint Christmas Tree is a fun Christmas craft! Kids of all ages can help make this handprint Christmas tree!

Easy card gingerbread house craft for kids {with free printable}

We love building an edible gingerbread house each year. Kids will love this easy version made of card – no icing required!

Easy Gingerbread Man bookmark for kids 

Make an easy Gingerbread Man bookmark for kids. Make one for yourself or give as handmade gifts this Christmas.

How to Make a Super Cute Father Christmas Papercraft Puppet {with free template}

Here comes Santa Claus, Here comes Santa Claus, right to your kitchen table! This Father Christmas Papercraft Puppet is so much fun to make!.

Fun and Easy 3D Paper Christmas Tree Craft for Kids to Make {with FREE printable template}

Whether you have your tree up yet or not, kids will be chomping at the bit to make some fun Christmas crafts and this cute little paper craft tree is just the thing to keep them busy and happy.

Paper Cone Santa Craft – Christmas Crafts for Kids

I’m so excited to show you this little guy – we made a paper cone Santa craft – this is such a sweet Christmas craft for kids. You can put this fellow under the tree,

Reindeer Christmas Card

Time for a wonderful kids made Christmas card! This super simple reindeer Christmas card is insanely easy to make and thus suitable for kids of all ages. 

General tips for crafting with preschoolers and kindergarteners

Here are some general tips to make your holiday crafting experience enjoyable:

  • Ensure that all craft supplies are age-appropriate and non-toxic.
  • Select projects that match your child’s skill level and attention span. Short and simple projects work best for younger children.
  • Crafting can get messy, so prepare for easy cleanup. Lay down a plastic tablecloth or newspaper to catch any spills. Keep a damp cloth nearby for quick cleanups.
  • Encourage your child to enjoy the creative process, rather than focusing solely on the final product. Praise their effort and imagination.
  • Crafting can be a valuable lesson in patience. Help your child understand that it’s okay to make mistakes and that learning is part of the fun.
  • Display your child’s creations around the house as part of your holiday decor. They will be proud to see their crafts included (and they will end up in the background of your Christmas photos, which are fun to look back on).

Now it’s time to gather your supplies, get messy, and watch your little ones craft wonderful Christmas memories. Merry Christmas!

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