sketchbook with child's drawing in red and green crayon.

30 April art prompts for preschool kids

April themed art prompts for preschool kids offer a fun way to inspire your child’s creativity throughout the month. Whether they’re illustrating baby animals or designing colorful umbrellas, your little artist will love these fresh spring prompts. Here are your April art prompts What are art prompts for kids? Art and drawing prompts are imaginative […] Read more…

Preschool child drawing with sidewalk chalk.

50 spring process art activities for preschool kids

Spring is upon us and we’ve compiled a fun collection of 50 spring process art activities for preschool children. Kids will be taking inspiration from blooming flowers to chirping birds and everything in between. Time to get creative and celebrate the season with some fresh art. What is process art? Process art (aka open ended […] Read more…

variety of crayons.

Spring Cleaning Your Preschooler’s Home Art Area

As the season changes and springtime arrives, it’s the perfect opportunity to refresh your child’s preschool home art area. A clean and organized environment not only promotes creativity but also fosters a sense of calm. In this post, we’ll explore some practical tips for spring cleaning your kids’ art space, ensuring it remains an inviting […] Read more…

child drawing in a notebook using a yellow crayon

January Daily Drawing Prompts for Kindergarten Kids

January is the ideal month to inspire your little ones’ creativity with daily drawing prompts for kindergarten kids. Whether they’re sketching a cheerful penguin family or a cozy cabin in the woods, we’ve prepared an playful list of prompts that your child will look forward to each day. Prepare for a month of imaginative art […] Read more…

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