Looking for fun holiday ugly Christmas sweater coloring pages for your kids? We’ve got a 20 page free printable coloring book for you!

My kids are big ugly sweater fans. They don’t actually like to WEAR them, but we usually get an ugly sweater cookie decorating kit every year, and somtimes another similar craft.

Here’s the dinosaur sweater my preschooler picked to color. He was SO into it – I left him to his work and he colored for a while, maybe 20 minutes. I’m not quite certain why he decided to cut around the entire edge – there was definitely a reason, but I never found out 🙂 The important thing is that he had fun picking his colors, cutting it, and was so proud of his page when he was finished.

ugly sweater coloring page - dinosaur sweater colored in by a child using lime greem, blue, red, pink, and yellow

The coloring book has 20 pages of adorably ugly Christmas sweaters, including unicorn, crab, cactus, snowman, and santa themes, among others, There’s definitely something for everyone.

Along with crayons, you can set out other supplies for kids to embelish the pages. Depending on the child’s age, they can use scraps of colored paper, sequins that can be glued to the page, colorful craft feathers, fun washi tape, anything goes.

You can also cut out the sweaters when you’ve colored them in and hang them them. They would make a fun garland in a playroom or homeschool classroom, using colorful yarns to hang them.

Click here to download your free printable ugly Christmas sweater coloring pages

three ugly christmas sweater coloring pages featuring crab, llama, and sloth
These are just 3 of the 20 pages in the coloring book

Click here to download the coloring book

If you use our coloring pages at home, drop a comment below and let us know! We would love if you’d share a photo with us.

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This coloring book is for personal, non commercial use only. Thanks!


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