We are halfway through summer, and time for a round up of simple summer crafts for kids! It has been extra hot here this summer, so most of these projects are perfect for when you need an air conditioning break inside. Crafting with preschoolers is such a fun experience that fosters creativity, imagination, and quality bonding time. So, gather your supplies and let’s get to it,

crafts with kitchen items -decorating a coffee filter oyster craft with markers
4th of july themed star wand - easy crafts for kids to make

Easy crafts for kids to make: 4th of July sparkling star wand

We have the cutest easy crafts for kids to make for the 4th of July – sparkling star wands! These adorable stars will add a touch of patriotic flair to your little one’s Independence Day celebration. Let’s get started. Easy crafts for kids to make : 4th of July sparkling star wand Materials you’ll need: Read more…

easy summer cactus craft for kids made out of rocks painted green with with white spines in a small jar filled with sand.

Painted rock cactus : summer easy crafts for kids

If you are looking for summer easy crafts for kids, this little cactus is perfect. It takes just a handful of items to make, and would be a fun project for a preschool, camp, or backyard birthday party. My children made these little cacti years ago, and they’ve sat on a shelf in our kitchen Read more…

Sheet of 3 summer-themed coloring bookmarks to color.

Free printable summer bookmarks to color

It’s summer reading time! We’ve got some fun, free printable summer bookmarks to color for your kids to enjoy. I have the best memories of walking to the library with my mom during summer vacation and taking out huge stacks of books every week. There were lots of Little House on the Prarie related books Read more…

crafts with kitchen items -coffee filter oyster craft with googly eyes and pom pom pearl

Preschool crafts with kitchen items : coffee filter oyster

Looking to make cute crafts with kitchen items with your preschooler? Try these fun coffee filter oysters (complete with “pearls”). Our town hosted an environmental fair this weekend, complete with all kinds of fun activities for kids. My little one loved the “Oysters are nature’s filter” table, which taught that oysters will clean the body Read more…

child's craft made with flattened muffin tins to look like 4th of july fireworks.

4th of July preschool crafts with everyday items : fireworks art

We know you love crafts made with everyday items, so here’s a festive 4th of July project made from muffin tins. This colorful fireworks art project is fun and easy for preschoolers to do with little to no assistance. Let’s get started! How to make fireworks crafts with everyday items You only need a handful Read more…

silver airstream driving down the highway. road trip games for preschoolers

Road trip games for preschoolers & free printable

Need some road trip games for preschoolers for your upcoming vacation? Keeping preschoolers and kindergarteners entertained during long car rides can be a challenge, but with a handful of engaging games up your sleeve, you can turn those hours on the road into an exciting adventure. In this post, we’ll share a collection of classic Read more…

fruit salads are easy summer snacks for kids to make. variety of cut up fruits latyered in a cup, like banana, blueberry, and strawberry

10 easy summer snacks for kids to make

Today we’re talking about easy summer snacks for kids to make as the temperatures rise. Summer vacation is the perfect time to get your little ones involved in the kitchen, teach them basic cooking skills and enjoy delicious treats. So, gather your mini chefs, and get your snack on! What are good summer snacks for Read more…

Handprint crafts for kids : summer watermelon

If you’re looking for simple summer handprint crafts for kids, check out this cute watermelon. The thing I liked about this one is that the child can do everything themself. Look how cute those scribbled in seeds are! Materials for the summer watermelon handprint craft for kids How to make the the watermelon That’s it. Read more…

child collecting leaves, rocks, and sticks in the backyard

Backyard scavenger hunt for kids + free printable

Backyard scavenger hunts are a great way for kids to get some fresh air and exercise. Children love to explore their outdoor environment, whether it’s a field, the woods, or your own yard. Here are some tips for planning a backyard scavenger hunt for kids. What is a backyard scavenger hunt? A backyard scavenger hunt Read more…

easy crafts for kids to do at home - weaving yarn on a recycled carboard loom

Easy crafts for kids to do at home: weaving

Are you looking for some easy crafts for kids to do at home? Try weaving! Weaving crafts are fun and engaging, and they also help develop children’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In this post, we’ll make a basic loom and my cute assistant will try out weaving for the very first time. Let’s Read more…

What are some good summer crafts for kids?

Summer crafts for kids don’t need to be complicated or require extensive preparation. Simple crafts are often the most rewarding, as they allow your preschoolers to focus on the sheer joy of creating.

Summer holidays and vacations are great starting points for summer crafts. As you can see above, fireworks, road trips, and summer reading clubs all make for some fun (and easy) crafts. You can also incorporate elements you come across in your day to day into crafts, such as sand from the beach into paintings.

Have more fun in the sun by crafting outside

Crafting outdoors during the summer brings an added element of excitement. Take advantage of the sunny days by creating artwork in your backyard or at the park. It just feels good to be in the fresh air, warm breeze, and sunlight. Plus, outdoor crafting allows your little ones to explore nature for inspiration. The can incorporate leaves, flowers, and other treasures they find outside into their projects. Bonus – no need to worry if things get messy.

Make memories by crafting with your kids

The simple pleasure of crafting together will create such sweet memories and strengthen your bond. My youngest is old enough now to not need much help from me when he’s doing an art / craft project, but he loves when I sit next to him and work on my own. I love that time together.

I know you and your children will enjoy these projects as much as all of mine did. The cactus craft above was done by one of my older children almost 10 years ago, and it’s been displayed in our kitchen ever since.

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Happy crafting, and may this summer be filled with endless moments of laughter, love, and creativity!


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