We know you love crafts made with everyday items, so here’s a festive 4th of July project made from muffin tins. This colorful fireworks art project is fun and easy for preschoolers to do with little to no assistance. Let’s get started!

child's craft made with flattened muffin tins to look like 4th of july fireworks.

How to make fireworks crafts with everyday items

You only need a handful of items for your fireworks art, and can really use whatever you have on hand. No need to go out and buy anything special. No red, white, or blue muffin tins? No problem, just use whatever colors you have. Real fireworks come in all different colors!

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Materials needed:

  • Colorful metallic muffin tins
  • Star stickers (or glittery/ colorful paper to cut into stars)
  • Construction paper
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Step 1: Choose your background color paper

My assistant chose blue because he wanted a blue daytime sky, not a night sky.

Step 2: Make a few cuts around the muffin tins

In order to lay flat, you need to make some cuts from the outer edge of the tins to the bottom. Try to make the cuts somewhat evenly around your tin for best results.

Step 3: Flatten the muffin tins

This is every kid’s favorite part of the project. Take your muffin tins (we went with 3) and turn them upside down. Push down gently at first to flatten out into a circle. Then smash flat with your hand.

Step 4: Glue the tins to the background

Apply some glue to the wrong side of the muffin tins and glue them down to the background.

Step 5: Add your stars

Add your star stickers (or cut out stars from fun paper or aluminum foil and glue down) OR paint some stars on your background.

Step 5: Show off your crafty fireworks display

Happy 4th everyone!

child's craft made with flattened muffin tins to look like 4th of july fireworks.

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