Today let’s talk about easy cardboard crafts for preschoolers. Cardboard is one of my favorite materials ever- you can manipulate it easily for endless purposes and create all kinds of projects. Not only are cardboard crafts budget-friendly, but you’re also repurposing some of those boxes that might have otherwise ended up in the landfill.

various cardboard crafts for preschoolers, including binoculars, a racecar, and apples.

Why cardboard?

Cardboard is the perfect base for tons of projects, from clubhouses (if you have a big appliance box) to binoculars (made from the humble toilet paper tube). It’s lightweight, easy to work with (especially important for kids’ hands), and can be sculpted into any shape.

Additionally, cardboard crafts encourage resourcefulness. By reusing cardboard materials, we teach our little ones the value of recycling and how everyday objects can find new life through creativity. My youngest always thinks it’s some kind of magic when I start cutting up old cereal boxes and end up with a knight’s helmet, or whatever. I love being able to show him how he can take an idea and manifest it into something he can play with.

Cardboard crafts are also very budget friendly. Cardboard is readily available, often for free, in the form of shipping boxes, packaging materials, or food boxes. I always set all of our cereal boxes aside with our art supplies as soon as they’re empty. With just a few simple tools like scissors, markers, and glue, you can create endless crafting opportunities for your little artists without breaking the bank.

10 easy crafts for preschoolers

Cardboard butterfly color matching activity

Imagine completing this craft to help your child learn their colors. This Cardboard Butterfly Color Matching Activity is the perfect activity to do with your children!

DIY Squirrel Puppet Tutorial

This DIY squirrel puppet is adorable, uses basic craft supplies, and is done in 15-minutes. It’s great for a school project or pretend play.

DIY toilet tube cars craft for preschool kids

Today we are sharing these fantastic toilet tube cars. This car craft is easy and fun to make. It can spark a child’s interest in the community and world around them as well as promote speaking, social, and fine motor skills.

easy crafts for kids to do at home - weaving yarn on a recycled carboard loom

Easy crafts for kids to do at home: weaving

Are you looking for some easy crafts for kids to do at home? Try weaving! Weaving crafts are fun and engaging, and they also help develop children’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In this post, we’ll make a basic loom and my cute assistant will try out weaving for the very first time. Let’s Read more…

Cardboard tube binoculars

These cardboard tube binoculars are a great rainy day craft for kids. They can use them to go bird watching, as a camp craft, or as a nature craft!

Yarn apple craft for kids (free template)

Fall is a great time to do some fun crafts with the kids, and this yarn apple craft is a perfect project for little ones. This fun craft allows kids to paint, cut, glue, and wrap – all activities that are great for fine motor practice.

Preschool carrot craft (with free carrot template)

Looking for a fun and unusual preschool carrot craft? Try these adorable yarn wrapped carrots with the free carrot template! Perfect for a preschool Easter craft or a preschool garden theme!

Princess Anna paper doll

The kids will love making this adorable Princess Anna Paper Doll. If you have Frozen fans in the house, this easy craft is a must! Just a few supplies are needed to get started!

Learning patterns through printmaking

Once kids really understand what pattern are they will begin to see them everywhere- in life and art!  This collograph printmaking project is a great way for kids to begin playing with and making their own patterns!

Cardboard box dinosaur model

A trash eating dinosaur inspired by the book There’s a Dinosaur in the Park.

What else can a child do with empty boxes?

A lot, actually! In addition to these crafts, kids can also use cardboard and boxes for imaginative play and costumes, and more.

Click here for 5 ways to repurpose cardboard boxes

What are your favorite cardboard crafts for preschoolers? Let us know in the comments.


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