If you’re looking for simple summer handprint crafts for kids, check out this cute watermelon. The thing I liked about this one is that the child can do everything themself. Look how cute those scribbled in seeds are!

watermelon handprint craft for kids with watermelon seeds drawn on

What can I make with kids’ handprints?

It’s more like what can’t you make! Handprints can be the base for all kinds of cute images, including animals, flowers, hearts, and more. If your child enjoys making this fun watermelon, check out this dragon handprint craft.

Materials for the summer watermelon handprint craft for kids

  • heavyweight painting paper
  • paint brush
  • black pen/ marker/ crayon
  • something to cover your workspace (newspaper, vinyl tablecloth, etc)

How to make the the watermelon

  • Cover the workspace & put on smock
  • set out small amount of red and green paint
  • using a brush, paint fingers and top half of palm with red paint; paint bottom half of palm with green paint
  • press hand down onto the paper, leaving a pink and green handprint
  • allow to dry
  • draw seeds onto the red portion of the watermelon using the pen or crayon

That’s it. Super cute little summer handprint crafts for kids.

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What else can I make with handprints?

If you like handprint projects, check out our family hands portrait. Instead of paint, hands are traced onto colorful scrapbook paper and then cut out and arranged largest to smallest. Make it summery by using bright colors or summer themed patterned papers (suns, palm trees, ice cream, etc).

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What other projects would you like to see for summer? Tell us in the comments.


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