It’s summer reading time! We’ve got some fun, free printable summer bookmarks to color for your kids to enjoy.

Sheet of 3 summer-themed coloring bookmarks to color and a variety of crayons.

I have the best memories of walking to the library with my mom during summer vacation and taking out huge stacks of books every week. There were lots of Little House on the Prairie related books for a while, like cookbooks and things like that. I don’t think they had any interesting kids bookmarks back then, just basic ones with the library’s name on it. I would have loved any kind of typical silly 90’s design (hang in there, anyone?)

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My assistant isn’t reading on his own yet, but has done some really fun summer library programs, including a stuffed animal sleepover. This was the cutest thing EVER. The children would bring their stuffed animals to the library where they would have a summer themed party. There was dancing, crafts, and of course, some summer stories. Then, the kids would leave their stuffed animals overnight, where they would enjoy a sleepover -except the librarians took all of them and posed them in all kinds of scenarios and take photos. They posted the photos, complete with creative captions, to Instagram, and after we picked up our stuffed animal friends, we found out what they were really up to all night πŸ˜€ It was SO CUTE and my son absolutely loved it.

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How to use this summer coloring printable:

These bookmarks work best when printed on a heavyweight paper or cardstock. Be sure the printer is set to default or fit to page. Simply download, print, color, and cut out.

Sheet of 3 summer-themed coloring bookmarks to color.

For personal, non-commercial use only. You may use it at home or in your classroom. We love when you share with your friends, but if you do, please link back to this page. Thanks!

Click here to download the free printable summer bookmarks to color

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