cobberson 5 essential fall knitting projects for fall


Ah September – the weather is getting cooler, the kids are back in school, and it is my favorite time of year to start cozy new knitting projects.  And since I tend to have overly ambitious fall knitting goals (I want to make ALL THE THINGS IMMEDIATELY!), I think it’s best to make several quick pieces that focus on beautiful texture.  They’ll take your right through into winter and are perfect for layering.  Here are my top 5:

    •  Beanie – a classic style that goes with everything.  You really can’t go wrong making a bunch of these in different colors.




    • Fingerless mitts – I love the texture on these! Plus it’s a small amount of yardage so you can finally use one of those fancy skeins you’ve been saving for a special occasion 😉 .




    • Poncho – I’m always cold, so this is a great piece to wear to the office (pretty much year round if we’re being honest), and you can use some fun buttons.




    • Throw blanket – keeps you warm (while Knitflixing, of course) AND pretties up your couch.




    • Bag – back to school time means kids need lunch bags.  I love this one for its brown bag styling and natural wool insulation.




What are your favorite knitting projects for fall?



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  1. Great ideas here Kym! Thanks for sharing! I never thought about knitting a lunch bag, but this lunch bag looks beautiful! I just might try it! And that throw blanket … maybe I will start with that!

    • Thanks! That lunch bag pattern is from years ago, but it’s one of my all time favorites because it’s just so unique 😀

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