You’ve been booed! Get in on the Halloween fun with our free printable, and spread some spooky spirit around your neighborhood. If you’ve never heard of this Halloween tradition that’s perfect for young children, read on.

a you've been booed printable with two ghosts and booing instructions.

Before my kids were in elementary school, I had never heard of booing before. The first time it happened to us, the kids thought this was the greatest thing in the world and could not wait to boo their friends. The first time we booed, the neighbors saw us and started yelling at us thinking we were up to no good. Not sure what kind of hijinks they thought two parents and two little kids were up to in the middle of the afternoon! We all started laughing and made a run for it.

Now that my little one is old enough to participate, he can’t wait to go booing this year.

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What does You’ve Been Booed mean?

Booing (also called Ghosting) is a fun Halloween tradition in which people anonymously deliver small treats, candies, or small gifts to their friends. It’s a way to spread Halloween spirit in your neighborhood.

What are the rules for You’ve Been Booed?

  • Assemble the treat bag (aka boo bag), which usually includes Halloween-themed items like candy, snacks, or dollar store toys.
  • Print out a You’ve Been Booed printable and add it to the treat bag.
  • Deliver your boo bag by secretly placing it on the doorstep of your friend. The idea is to remain anonymous, so the recipient doesn’t know who “booed” them.
  • The note included with the gift typically encourages the recipient to continue the tradition by “booing” two other friends.
  • Recipients then display the “You’ve Been Booed” sign on their front door to let others know that they have already been included in the tradition.

What goes in a Boo bag?

A boo bag typically contains usually includes Halloween-themed items like candy, snacks, or dollar store toys. Here are some ideas for items to include in your bag:

  • Candies: Halloween-themed candies and chocolates are always fun. Mini candy bars, gummies, and candy corn are popular choices.
  • Snacks: Include some non-candy snacks like pretzels, popcorn, or small bags of chips.
  • Small Toys: Halloween-themed toys like plastic spiders, stickers, or Halloween-themed pencils are festive and good choices if allergies prevent food treats.
  • Crafts: Halloween-themed craft supplies such as markers, colored paper, or pipe cleaners.
  • Accessories: Halloween accessories like glow-in-the-dark bracelets, plastic fangs, or mini witch hats.
  • Hot Chocolate or Cider Packets: As the weather gets cooler in the fall, a packet of hot chocolate or apple cider mix can be a nice addition.
  • Don’t forget to include the You’ve Been Booed printable!

Kids LOVE helping assemble the bags, so make sure they are involved in every step. Let them decorate the bags, color in or decorate the printable. They especially love the sneaking the bags to the delivery site.

Click here to download the You’ve Been Booed printable

Do you have any funny or memorable booing stories to share? Tell us in the comments below. Happy Halloween everyone!

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