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Top Planner Picks for 2021

The new year is here and it’s time for a fresh new planner. I’m one of those people that gets super excited for school supplies, stationary, planners, etc. so getting my planner is a huge deal. I’ve tried out a bunch over the years, and I’ve really honed in on what I like and don’t like. Here are my top planner picks for 2021 (ps none of these are sponsored, these are just products that I use and liked or will be using as soon as the post office brings my packages).

Goal setting planner:

Get to Workbook – This has been my go to planner for the past 4 years. It’s clean, no color, and plenty of places for goal setting, notes, and there are these inspirational pages that you can cut out and use as standalone art. There are no bright colors here, doesn’t come with any stickers, and it is hefty. Normally I have this with me every day at the office, and I fill in my daily to dos, and I use it for writing my random thoughts. Now that I’m currently working from home and we have no plans save for the random doctor’s appointment for the foreseeable future, I decided I would try something new this year.  Still highly highly recommend this planner- I just don’t need a workhorse planner this year, but I will certainly be buying one in 2022.

Memory planner:

Amy Tangerine x Archer and Olive – This is the daily planner I chose for this year. Amy has one of my very favorite IG accounts, with tons of videos of how she fills in her daily planner. She does that monthly spread as a colorful memory page, with stickers and doodles and some hand lettering. This planner is very clean and white, so you can use whatever media you want to add the colors. The pages are thick to avoid bleedthru from markers/ watercolors. It comes in two different colors, dated and undated. I am not normally the person who keeps an art journal or colorful planner pages, and I really wanted to give it a try this year. Maybe I’ll even have a page for keeping track of all my favorite shows in 20201. Here’s to trying new things!

Social Media Content planner:

The Content Planner – This is my first year using the content planner, and I’m excited to start filling it in. Kat Gaskin’s planner is for planning and goal setting your marketing and social media content. I love her IG stories because she shows and explains how she plans her content in a ton of detail, and there is also a 7 day challenge you can sign up for (it’s free) to help learn her method. Very cute colors to choose from, you get stickers to help organize your content, and there are sections to define, measure, track your growth, and your wins.

Customized planner:

The Happy Planner – I love how extra this planner is. You can get colorful binder rings, stickers, fun covers, accessories, and it’s so customizable. They have something for everyone – recipe pages, goal setting, budgeting, etc. and it comes in all different sizes. Very fun, and if that’s what I was looking for, this is what I would buy. I do plan on getting a bunch of their stickers for my daily planner though.

Simple planner:

Field Notes 56 week planner – I have not used this planner, but my son has several D&D notebooks from Field Notes that he likes a lot. Good quality, clean, simple design, and a good price. Smaller size than planners I usually use, but if you are looking for something around 5×7, I think this would be perfect.

PS- did you download your free goal setting printable yet? It’s small enough to tuck into any of these planners.

Happy planning!



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