Trader Joe's Valentine's Day treats

It’s no secret – I love me some Trader Joe’s.  Especially their seasonal items- their Valentine’s Day items are here and they are just perfect for making a festive party spread or making a regular meal a little more special.

Look how pretty these sparkling lemonades are – great on their own or as a mixer:

cobberson trader joes lemonade


These fancy chocolates would look adorable on a Valentine’s dessert charcuterie board:

cobberson trader joes chocolate


These are the only meringues I’ve ever seen outside of a bakery:

cobberson trader joes meringues


This is the best price I’ve ever seen for macarons, so you can buy one box or a bunch and make a fancy tiered display:

cobberson trader joes macarons


And who doesn’t love a hot, melty lava cake? Perfect dessert after a romantic dinner for two:

cobberson trader joes lava cake


Better stock up before these goodies sell out – Valentine’s & Galentine’s Day are right around the corner!


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