Cobberson and Co: Felt hearts
Is this the top of the supply pile?

I need some help!  In the past, I was solely a knitter, with the inevitable gigantic yarn stash.  Even though I had tons of yarns, I didn’t have any troubles organizing them since they were a cohesive group. Just stored them in baskets by color or by fiber.  No big deal.  Well, those days are gone, and while I still have a decent sized yarn collection, now I have a bunch of other supplies that need a proper place in my craft room (formerly my home office, hahahahaha).  

See, here’s the problem- when I find a new craft that I’m interested in, I’ll just buy a couple supplies and kind of dip my toe in to see if it holds my attention before I buy any more stuff.  Guess what?  I’ve tried a bunch of new things, and now I have small quantities of all these unrelated crafts.  How would you organize all this stuff?

I don’t want to get rid of anything, since I do end up using everything eventually.  There’s yarn (duh), fabric, scrapbook paper, felt, embroidery supplies, and other random things.

What do you use to organize your craft supplies?  I’m thinking there is too much / size isn’t right for tons of those plastic storage bins & drawers at Target, but I may be wrong.  What do you think?


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