It’s never been easier for families to explore the world from the comfort of their own home! From a tour of the Great Wall of China to meeting animals up-close at the San Diego Zoo, virtual field trips let children learn and experience different environments and cultures like never before. With these 13 virtual field trips for preschool, kids can meet interesting people and explore faraway places, all from their computer. So lets get ready for an adventure – courtesy of the internet!

close up of a blue and green peacock during a virtual field trip to the zoo

What are virtual field trips?

virtual field trip is a guided online exploration of the world through curated collections of images, videos, audio, animations, and other media.

They make excellent additions to a homeschool curriculum. If you are interested in learning more, there are tons of resources online about how to homeschool with toddlers and preschoolers.

13 virtual field trips for preschool:

  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers videos and activities on their MetKids page, where children can explore the museum and create their own works of art.
  • Discovery Education has field trips on a wide variety of topics, which are continuously changing. As of this writing, their upcoming trips include A Visit to the Tundra, USC Shoah Foundation to hear witness testimony of the Holocaust, and FutureU to meet STEM professionals at Johnson Space Center.
  • Explore some of Galileo’s 1000 instruments and more at the Museo Galileo.
  • Some great live cams over at the San Diego Zoo, including pandas, polar bears, and giraffes.
  • The Smithsonian offers tours of its current, permanent, and past collections, as well as some behind the scenes stuff (aka specimens), its castle, and the Hirshhorn.
  • Tour Le Louvre, including the Egyptian Antiquities AND the remains of its original moat and piers.
  • MyBayut offers tours of Dubai’s historic and unique museums. Special thanks to reader Evelyn for this great find!

Happy exploring! PS: Even though I’ve been to the Louvre in person, I had no idea until I wrote this post that the Louvre was originally a fortress built in 1190 to protect Paris! There is so much in this world to learn. Have you triied one of these field trips? Or have another trip you think I should add to the list? Drop your ideas in the comments below.


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