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Podcasts have been keeping me sane lately.  Here are some of my very favorites – if you like these, I’ll post some more, maybe going deeper into each category. I mean, I could probably give you a dozen good DIY or entrepreneurial podcasts right off the bat, but let’s start with these:

For the true crime fan:

I just finished listening to Monster: The Zodiak Killer and it was simultaneously terrifying and fascinating. Also check out the second season, Monster: The DC Sniper. I lived in Maryland when that whole things was going on, and this podcast brought me right back.

If you loved Sassy Magazine as a teenager in the 90’s:

Sassy alum and former Lucky Magazine founding editor Kim France hosts Everything is Fine, a podcast for women over 40.  Treats for Sassy and Lucky readers include guests like fashion expert Andrea Linnett and beauty guru Jean Godfrey-June.

For DIY lovers:

I’m sure you’ve heard of sisters Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess, but if not, you can start catching up on the first episodes of their new namesake podcast. It might help to go look around the blog for a little while to familiarize yourself with who is who and what they do, but it’s not necessary. Lots of fun topics here, like their favorite self help books, favorite homemade gifts, and making mood boards for decorating your home.

For crafty types:

Yes, this is kind of the same as for DIY lovers, but whatever. There’s lots of great ones out there! Like Elise Gets Crafty. Elise was a DIY blogger turned day planner company founder (Get to Work book is the planner I use and love) and has tons of interesting guests like designer Amy Tangerine and Teresa from the knit & crochet powerhouse Debrosse, For more crafty podcasts, see my post – 5 podcasts for creative people.

For comedy/ pop culture fans:

You cannot go wrong with Marc Maron’s show WTF. Marc has been podcasting forever, and has over 1000 episodes to choose from. The most recent 50 are free, but if you want to go further back, you need to either subscribe for a nominal fee, or go find it on YouTube. Past guest range from President Obama to Chris Cornell to pretty much ALL the stand up comics you’ve ever heard of.  One word of warning, Marc talks for like 10 minutes at the beginning of each show before he gets to the guest, so if you are into that, great. If not, just skip ahead to the guest.

For science lovers:

Check out StarTalk with Neil Degrasse Tyson, which has random pop culture and scientific guests, but also my favorite episodes called Cosmic Queries. Cosmic Queries are questions sent in from fans on different physics related subjects.  Guests and cohosts vary, but my favorite episodes are with Dr Charles Liu and astronaut Mike Massimino (who I got to meet at his book signing at the Hayden Planetarium btw, along with NDT- omg!). These are good for kids too!

For the entrepreneur:

How I Built This is an NPR podcast that interviews founders of businesses such as Birchbox and Lulumon to find out how they created their brands. From listening to haf a dozen episodes, it seems like a common thread is not listening to people telling you your idea is crazy 😀

What other podcasts are you listening to? Leave me some names in the comments- I’m always looking for new ones!


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