Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn?  YouTube is a wealth of information on every possible subject, from beginner to expert. Here are 10 skills you can teach your self with Youtube. Start learning today. Imagine how far you will have come a few weeks from now!

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1. Play guitar

You’re probably thinking I’m ridiculous for saying you can teach yourself guitar with YouTube, but if you have any interest in learning (and have a guitar at home), check out Marty Music. Marty Schwartz has a huge collection of tutorials for free, starting right from beginner, and they’re all songs that you know and love. You can pick up your guitar for the first time today and be playing some Pearl Jam tomorrow.

2. Knit/ crochet

Sheep & Stitch ‘s channel has knitting tutorials for all the skills you’ll need to be whipping up garments in no time. Find her here.

Teresa over at Debrosse is the master of crochet. Her tutorials are clear and all of her projects are simple and modern. Find her here.

3. Hand lettering  / art journaling 

How to Hand Letter’s channel has tutorials for beginners and a 7 day mini course for free, with printables for practicing your strokes.  Find the YouTube channel here and the mini course here.

4. Create a capsule wardrobe

The basic framework for a capsule wardrobe (which is a very small collection of essentials that can be mixed and matched with each other) can be found at Net a Porter’s site here so you can get the general idea. YouTube has tons of capsule wardrobe videos, but they vary wildly depending on your style. Check them out here.

5. Basic home repairs

I’m totally dating myself here, but when I was a kid I loved watching This Old House when I was at my grandparent’s house and they only had basic tv channels. Thank goodness for PBS, amiright? They have how to videos for everything, from repairing an appliance to a full kitchen upgrade. See them all here.

6. How to code

Code Academy  offers both free courses and paid courses on numerous programming languages.  See their catalog here.

CodeMonkey   is a similar site that’s made for kids in grades K-8. Your kids may already be familiar with it, since they offer a fun Hour of Code program that a lot of schools use every year. See their courses here.

7. History

Oversimplified History, at first glance, might not look like it’s going to dig deep into the major events in history, but their videos have some of the best explanations of events I’ve heard. Check it out here.

8. Baking & decorating

There are TONS of baking and decorating tutorials to choose from. If you’re looking for something more basic, I like Baking with Ryan (he’s a teen who creates whimsical cakes, and his IG decorating videos are addictive)  or if you’re looking for something complicated yet fun, try Rosanna at Nerdy Nummies.

9. Foreign language

OpenCulture has a whopping 48 languages you can learn for free, with formats ranging from YouTube to podcasts to spotify. Textbooks are available in pdf format. Find them here.

10. Cultural appreciation

Ok, so these two items aren’t on YouTube, but they’re online and super cool.

Lots of the major world museums, including the British Museum and the National Gallery, have virtual tours of their collections. You can find 12 of them here.

The Metropolitan Opera will be streaming their operas for free for the rest of the month. Information and the schedule can be found here.

If you try any of these out, let me know what you think in the comments. Happy learning!

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