the 100 day project: progress after 40 days

Still plugging away at the 100 day project, though my progress has slowed way down because life needs me more right now. I started on February 1st, made it to day 20 on February 24, but didn’t make it to day 40 until May 3. But that’s ok. My goal is to spend 100 days working on this blog/ etsy shop, not to complete those 100 days as fast as I can.

I’ve been really please with the increased variety of posts – I’d very much like to take this blog in a different direction, focusing more on celebrating our unique interests, niche hobbies, and a little more personal stuff. These are the areas I’m finding myself more interested in lately, especially as I find my spare time is so limited, I’m not really wanting to work on random DIYs anymore.

Over the next 20 days, I want to create a few more mug designs and digital prints, and do a post or two on some truly unique DIYs.

What I’ve been doing:

Here’s how I spent day 21-40:

Day 21: post on how day 1-20 went

Day 22: created the March newsletter update and sent out

Day 23: post on the interesting shows I watched in February

Day 24: I made this sweet reel

Day 25: I made this reel that gave everyone a heart attack

Day 26: post on my undying love for Sassy Magazine

Day 27: another reel of me ripping out a bunch of knitting

Day 28: reel of me winding up all that ripped out yarn

Day 29: Redid the graphic/ pin for this spring bucket list post

Day 30: post celebrating my 1000th sale on Etsy

Day 31: post on the pastel knits trend happening now

Day 32: did my shop taxes and sent them in

Day 33: post on my recent raw food cleanse experience

Day 34: added some NJ themed mugs to the shop

Day 35: added new Clueless-inspired lawyer mug to the shop

Day 36: post reviewing Mike Dawson’s new book The Fifth Quarter

Day 37: post with new free printable spring bucket list- the relaxed version 😀

Day 38: posted this mug in honor of Earth Day

Day 39: added the new customizable Enthusiast mugs to the shop

Day 40: post on the interesting shows I watched in March

How is your 100 day project going?


Read about Day 1-20 of my 100 day project 2021 here.


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