various simple Thanksgiving crafts for kids

25+ simple Thanksgiving crafts for kids

Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude, celebrate the harvest, and, of course, get crafty with your little ones! For preschool and kindergarten-aged children, creative activities provide fun, a sense of accomplishment, and works their fine motor skills. In this post, we’ll share 25+ simple Thanksgiving crafts for kids, as well as provide some helpful […] Read more…

spiral bound notebook open with two children drawing with crayons.

30 Fun November Drawing Prompts for Kids

November is the ideal time to spark your little ones’ creativity with daily drawings inspired by the essence of fall, the bountiful harvest, and the spirit of Thanksgiving. Whether they’re sketching the beauty of autumn leaves or crafting scenes of gratitude, we’ve prepared an enchanting list of 30 days of drawing prompts perfect for Kindergarteners. […] Read more…