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colorful direction signs at a waterpark

30 rainy day activities for preschool kids

It has been raining a ton here lately, so ideas for fun rainy day activities for preschool kids have been on my mind. Sometimes you want to get out of the house and sometimes you just want to stay cozy inside. We’ve got options for both moods here, and there’s a little something for everyone. […] Read more…

child playing in the backyard and hiding behind a giant leaf

Why Your Preschooler Needs More Open Ended Play

As parents, we are constantly striving to provide our young children with the best opportunities for growth and success. We enroll them in all kinds of classes and fill their schedules with sports and activities. However, we often overlook the benefits and importance of open ended play for preschoolers. Open ended (unstructured) play is simply […] Read more…