Looking for fun St Patrick’s Day printables for your preschooler? Here is a cute scissors skills worksheet to help them practice their cutting.

st patricks day printables scissor skills worksheet with dotted lines to cut along

The worksheet features four dotted lines for your child to cut along to reach the colorful St Patrick’s Day charms.

How do you practice scissors skills?

Once your child has worked on their pre-cutting skills to strengthen their hands, show them how to properly hold the scissors. Show them how to open and close them, and don’t forget to talk about safety. Show them how to cut away from themselves, not cut near their face, and to always close the blades when not in use.

Provide your child with a variety of materials to practice cutting, such as magazine pages, playdoh, felt, fabric, and ribbon.

Ask your child to help you cut open any bags or envelopes when making snacks or meals. Kids love helping out!

When should I start teaching scissor skills?

If your preschooler is beginning to show interest in using scissors, help them strengthen their hand and wrist muscles during play. Fun activities like kneading play doh, using a spray bottle to spray water, and pinching open clothespins all build strength in little hands.

How to use this printable

Simply download the cutting worksheet and print on to heavy weight paper, such as construction paper or cardstock. If you don’t have either of these, printer paper is fine. Ask your child to cut along each line until they reach each lucky charm.

Click here to download the St Patrick’s Day printables : scissor skills

st patricks day printables cutting practice sheet with clover, top hat, rainbow, and lucky horseshoe

Click here to download the St Patrick’s Day printables cutting practice worksheet

This printable is for personal, non commercial use only. You may use at home or in your classroom. Thanks!

For more cutting practice and tips on pre-scissor skills, check out our Fun Foods cutting sheets. They feature super cute foods to cut out – square waffle, circle donut, oval taco, triangle avocado, and rectangle milk.


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