Still plugging away at the 100 day project, though my progress has slowed way down because life needs me more right now. I started on February 1st, made it to day 20 on February 24, but didn’t make it to day 40 until May 3. But that’s ok. My goal is to spend 100 days working on this blog/ etsy… View Post

DIY Valentine’s Day Felt Heart Garland

DIY Valentine’s Day felt heart garland (Originally published 2/5/14)  Instead of traditional red and pink Valentine’s Day decorations, this year I wanted to decorate using materials that were more natural, textured, and well, subtle.  Inspired by the natural wool colors in my pom-pom wreath, I decided to make a felt heart garland for the fireplace. It’s a super easy and… View Post

DIY: embroidered slogan sweater

Have you noticed the embroidered slogan sweater trend taking off the past couple of months?  These sweaters, popularized by Lingua Franca, have been popping up everywhere on tv hosts and magazine covers. While beautifully made, some of these sweaters cost upwards of $400, out of reach for many of our budgets. I decided to make my own, using more affordable… View Post

The 14 day edit: 10 fun skills you can teach yourself with YouTube

  As COVID-19 has us all planning to stay in and keep to ourselves for the next few weeks, many people are wondering how to fill their time. Rather than looking at the two weeks from the perspective of what you can’t do, why not see it as an opportunity for what you can do? IS there a skill you’ve… View Post

Host an easy and festive Galentine’s Day brunch

My girlfriends and I have been throwing Galentine’s parties for six years now and we’ve run the gamut from super complicated, to going out to fancy brunch, to somewhere inbetween. Gone are the days of pulling out all the random stuff we’d received as wedding gifts but never used (chocolate fountain, anyone?) and complicated DIYs. Those parties were fun, but… View Post

5 Free Hand Lettering Tutorials

  5 free hand lettering tutorials   Clearly I’m in need of a tutorial, because this handwriting isn’t cutting it. I’m not actually sure how I ended up searching Pinterest for hand lettering tutorials last night, but I guess that can be said for pretty much any search online, right?  As you can see from the picture above, I never… View Post

Free printable – Handspun With Love yarn label

Good news handspinners – I have a new free printable Handspun With Love label just for you! I printed out my label on kraft scrapbook paper (using the best quality option on my printer) and then backed it with a floral sheet of scrapbook paper that had a vintage vibe.  There are thick black borders on each side of the… View Post

DIY: 90’s inspired choker with fabric charms

  I found these two fabrics at JoAnn’s and just needed to find a way to use them STAT. That yellow plaid reminded me of Cher’s outfit in Clueless: and the brown floral made me think of a cute little sundress Winona would wear: So I decided to combine them with one of my other favorite trends from the 90’s – chokers. … View Post

Free printable gift tag – Crocheted with love

  Crocheted with Love printable gift tags are finally available!  I just couldn’t decide between making them exactly the same as the Handknit gift tags, or giving them an update, so the file actually contains two different designs. As with the handknit tag, I printed the tags on brown kraft scrapbook paper (similar here) and added a coordinating scrapbook paper… View Post