I did a 5 day raw food diet cleanse and here’s what I learned

  Two months ago, I decided to do a raw food diet cleanse. I’d been feeling very slugglish, and had fallen into that cycle of eating too way much sugar. You know the one where you eat tons of sugar and then you crave more sugar, repeat? I’ve always had an insane sweet tooth, and I’m a big snacker, so… View Post

Snack + a movie: A Charlie Brown Christmas & Peanuts Oreo Truffles

  Ok I’m starting a new series here: Snack and a movie. If you’re an old timer like me, you probably remember the old TBS series Dinner and a Movie that ran for years. During the commercials, the hosts would cook a meal with a punny name (ex. Dinner – Two Hot Peppers on the Lamb; movie- Thelma & Louise). … View Post