10 crafts made with recycled sweaters

10 crafts made from recycled sweaters

By now we’ve all seen Bernie’s mittens, famously crafted out of a recycled sweater by Jen Ellis.  Suddenly, look a like mitten patterns are everywhere, but there is so much more that can be made from versatile, upcycled sweater wool.  Felting is a simple process that can be done in your washing machine, and causes […] Read more…

vintage clock top planner picks for 2021

Top planner picks for 2021

Top Planner Picks for 2021 The new year is here and it’s time for a fresh new planner. I’m one of those people that gets super excited for school supplies, stationary, planners, etc. so getting my planner is a huge deal. I’ve tried out a bunch over the years, and I’ve really honed in on […] Read more…

cobberson round up of virtual learning resources and supports

Virtual learning resources roundup

  Here’s a round up of some resources that are helpful for supporting virtual learning. We all need as much help as we can get for the 2020/2021 school year, amiright? When I wrote most of these, it was back in March when we all thought everyone would be quarantining for two weeks. Remember those […] Read more…

vintage style silver microphone on wood background - podcasts for the whole family

Podcasts for every member of your family

Podcasts have been keeping me sane lately.  Here are some of my very favorites – if you like these, I’ll post some more, maybe going deeper into each category. I mean, I could probably give you a dozen good DIY or entrepreneurial podcasts right off the bat, but let’s start with these: For the true […] Read more…

laptop and coffee on a desk

10 fun skills you can teach yourself with YouTube

Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn?  YouTube is a wealth of information on every possible subject, from beginner to expert. Here are 10 skills you can teach your self with Youtube. Start learning today. Imagine how far you will have come a few weeks from now! 1. Play guitar You’re probably thinking I’m […] Read more…

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