various cardboard crafts for preschoolers, including binoculars, a racecar, and apples.

10 easy cardboard crafts for preschoolers

Today let’s talk about easy cardboard crafts for preschoolers. Cardboard is one of my favorite materials ever- you can manipulate it easily for endless purposes and create all kinds of projects. Not only are cardboard crafts budget-friendly, but you’re also repurposing some of those boxes that might have otherwise ended up in the landfill. Why […] Read more…

paper plate crafts for preschoolers - ladybugs, peacock, and a rainbow using cereal

11 paper plate crafts for preschoolers

Hey there, crafty parents! Today I am excited to share some adorable project ideas using a common household item: paper plates! If you’re looking for engaging and budget-friendly activities to keep your preschoolers entertained while fostering their creativity, paper plate crafts are the perfect solution. In this post, we’ve got crafts ranging from rainbows to […] Read more…

close up of a blue and green peacock during a virtual field trip to the zoo

13 virtual field trips for preschool

It’s never been easier for families to explore the world from the comfort of their own home! From a tour of the Great Wall of China to meeting animals up-close at the San Diego Zoo, virtual field trips let children learn and experience different environments and cultures like never before. With these 13 virtual field […] Read more…

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