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fruit salads are easy summer snacks for kids to make. variety of cut up fruits latyered in a cup, like banana, blueberry, and strawberry

10 easy summer snacks for kids to make

Today we’re talking about easy summer snacks for kids to make as the temperatures rise. Summer vacation is the perfect time to get your little ones involved in the kitchen, teach them basic cooking skills and enjoy delicious treats. So, gather your mini chefs, and get your snack on! What are good summer snacks for […] Read more…

child at the beach wearing a blue hat and orange shirt

Summer family bucket list + free printable

Looking for some fun summer family bucket list ideas?  We came up with 50 activities and a cute printable checklist you can post on your fridge to help you get started. There’s something for everyone – outdoor adventures, easy day trips, relaxing afternoons, and summer treats. Grab your bathing suit and let’s make some family […] Read more…

close up of a blue and green peacock during a virtual field trip to the zoo

13 virtual field trips for preschool

It’s never been easier for families to explore the world from the comfort of their own home! From a tour of the Great Wall of China to meeting animals up-close at the San Diego Zoo, virtual field trips let children learn and experience different environments and cultures like never before. With these 13 virtual field […] Read more…

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