diy embroidered slogan sweater

DIY: embroidered slogan sweater

Have you noticed the embroidered slogan sweater trend taking off the past couple of months?  These sweaters, popularized by Lingua Franca, have been popping up everywhere on tv hosts and magazine covers. While beautifully made, some of these sweaters cost upwards of $400, out of reach for many of our budgets. I decided to make […] Read more…

cobberson the 100 day project 2020

#The100DayProject2020: Day 1 – 10

How is your 100 Day Project going? After narrowing down my project idea to making whatever I can using my existing supplies, the first 10 days went pretty well after an initial hiccup. Day 1: I pulled an almost finished Valentine’s Day hat out of my knitting basket and finished it. I don’t love the […] Read more…

10 ideas for your 100 day project

10 ideas for your #The100DayProject

  When picking a project for your 100 day challenge, it can be really intimidating to decide what you think you can commit to for over 3 months.  The key is picking something that can be accomplished in a short amount of time, like 5-10 minutes a day. If you spend more time each day, […] Read more…

100 day project #the100dayproject ideas

Getting started on #The100DayProject

  This year’s #The100DayProject starts in one just one week! If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s a fun annual online art project where you choose a project (more on that later) and attempt to work on it every day for 100 days, while documenting it on Instagram using hashtag #The100DayProject. It’s SUPER LOW […] Read more…

Fun and easy craft projects for all skill levels

Craft night: 15 fun project ideas for all skill levels

(*Updated 3/30/2020*  I originally wrote this post to give people ideas for fun craft night activities, but given the quarantine, these would all be good crafts to do while you’re home. Crafting is excellent for helping to calm an anxious mind.*) So you want to host a craft night, but have no idea what to […] Read more…

hosting an easy galentine's day brunch

Host an easy and festive Galentine’s Day brunch

My girlfriends and I have been throwing Galentine’s parties for six years now and we’ve run the gamut from super complicated, to going out to fancy brunch, to somewhere inbetween. Gone are the days of pulling out all the random stuff we’d received as wedding gifts but never used (chocolate fountain, anyone?) and complicated DIYs. […] Read more…

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