The 100 day project: How are you doing after 20 days?

How is your 100 day project going? I think as of today, the official project page is on day 28, but I am on day 21. Some people prefer to count the 100 days as calendar days (and if you miss a day, that’s fine and you just keep going) and other people like to count them as the days… View Post

13 places to find cheap or free craft supplies

  Art and craft supplies can be found in so many other places besides buying new from the store, AND for a much lower price, or for free. Depending on your source, you can not only saving money, but also help the environment by recycling items that are likely headed for the landfill. Try one these 13 alternative sources for… View Post

Free printable: sourdough starter gift tags

I’ve just retired the sourdough starter gift tags from my Etsy shop, so now they’re a free printable for you.  Making bread was the hot quarantine activity in 2020 – let’s keep that going.  You can find tons of sourdough recipes from King Arthur flour, or if you’re looking for gluten free recipes, check out Bob’s Red Mill. Give a… View Post

10 cozy snow day activities

It’s a snow day! You’ve finished shoveling, poured yourself a hot cocoa, and now you’re ready to settle in an enjoy a cozy afternoon.  Here are 10 ideas for DIY’s, movies, and more: 1 – clean out your closet and find an old sweater to cut up and make into a new hat or mittens.     2 – embroider a… View Post

2021 goals – how’s it going after 6 weeks?

  Remember those new year’s goals we set at the beginning of January? How are things going? I think it’s important to look at your goals every month to see if your on track or if things have changed and you need to adjust them. How it started Ok, so here were the goals that I set for myself last… View Post

Free printable: Self love wall art

  Free printable: Self love wall art (8.5 x 11) Amazon Prime recommended about a million sappy love stories to me this week. I started thinking about how so many rom-coms are about a couple that ends up falling in love after one of them has a huge makeover in order to impress the other. like She’s All That or… View Post

DIY Valentine’s Day Felt Heart Garland

DIY Valentine’s Day felt heart garland (Originally published 2/5/14)  Instead of traditional red and pink Valentine’s Day decorations, this year I wanted to decorate using materials that were more natural, textured, and well, subtle.  Inspired by the natural wool colors in my pom-pom wreath, I decided to make a felt heart garland for the fireplace. It’s a super easy and… View Post

Free Printable: Valentine wall art

A million years ago (2015!) I was a guest blogger on a popular budgeting site, where I shared a couple of free holiday art printables. Since that site is no longer available, I went to upload the old art to this site when I discovered how old and outdated it was. Not to be dramatic or anything but THERE WAS… View Post

10 crafts made from recycled sweaters that are not Bernie mittens

By now we’ve all seen Bernie’s mittens, famously crafted out of a recycled sweater by Jen Ellis.  Suddenly, look a like mitten patterns are everywhere, but there is so much more that can be made from versatile, upcycled sweater wool.  Felting is a simple process that can be done in your washing machine, and causes the fibers to lock together… View Post