October is the perfect month to inspire your kids’ creativity with themed daily drawings. Whether it’s doodling fall icons or spooky Halloween scenes, or we’ve got you covered with a delightful list of 31 days of drawing prompts for Kindergarten. From whimsical pumpkins to eerie haunted houses, these prompts will ignite your child’s imagination. Get ready for a month-long art journey filled with all things fall and spooky!

spiral bound notebook open to show a child's drawing using pen.

What are drawing prompts for kids?

Drawing prompts are creative suggestions that are designed to spark a child’s imagination and / or help them get through a creative block. They come in different forms, such as a word or phrase, or they can be an unfinished drawing that the child can complete. The prompts below are open ended, so your child can envision each scene and just roll with whatever comes to mind.

Fall journal prompts for kids are also a fun option, and can be done in written form or also drawn.

Here is your October inspiration!

  • a happy pumpkin with a smiling face
  • a spooky ghost with wavy arms
  • a friendly black cat with a long tail
  • colorful candy corn
  • a spooky haunted house
  • a silly witch with a pointy hat
  • a spiderweb with a big, hairy spider
  • a spooky graveyard with tombstones
  • a friendly scarecrow with a hat and patchwork clothes
  • a moonlit night sky with shining stars
  • a vampire with sharp teeth and a cape
  • a happy skeleton dancing
  • a mummy all wrapped up in bandages
  • a spooky bat flying in the night
  • a witch’s cauldron bubbling with potions
  • a pumpkin patch with lots of pumpkins
  • a colorful fall tree with falling leaves
  • a spooky ghost ship sailing on a foggy sea
  • a spooky Halloween costume
  • a jack-o’-lantern face with a candle inside
  • a friendly monster with silly features
  • a candy-filled trick-or-treat bag
  • a happy apple ready for picking
  • a haunted castle with spooky towers
  • a magical broomstick for a witch
  • a big, full moon in the night sky
  • a jack-o’-lantern family with different expressions
  • a friendly Frankenstein with bolts on his neck
  • a spooky potion bottle with bubbling contents.
  • a spooky owl perched on a tree branch
  • a cute little monster trick-or-treating

We hope your Kindergarten artists have fun working on these October drawing prompts. Filling a sketchbook with a month of short daily drawings is a wonderful way to celebrate the season. Keep those creative juices flowing and remember to encourage your child to take a few minutes to make art every day!

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