November is the ideal time to spark your little ones’ creativity with daily drawings inspired by the essence of fall, the bountiful harvest, and the spirit of Thanksgiving. Whether they’re sketching the beauty of autumn leaves or crafting scenes of gratitude, we’ve prepared an enchanting list of 30 days of drawing prompts perfect for Kindergarteners. From cheerful scarecrows to cozy scenes by the campfire, these prompts will set your child’s imagination ablaze. Prepare for a month-long artistic adventure filled with the magic of autumn!

spiral bound notebook open with two children drawing with crayons.

What are drawing prompts for kids?

Drawing prompts are creative suggestions that are designed to spark a child’s imagination and / or help them get through a creative block. They come in different forms, such as a word or phrase, or they can be an unfinished drawing that the child can complete. The prompts below are open ended, so your child can envision each scene and just roll with whatever comes to mind.

Also, if you’re trying to think of ways for how to keep a child occupied at a restaurant, drawing prompts have always worked well for our family. I always bring a little notepad and a box of crayons with me. They’ll start with a prompt and then it will turn into games of tic tac toe, and other games.

Here is your November inspiration!

  • an apple orchard with ripe apples
  • a turkey ready for Thanksgiving
  • a squirrel gathering acorns
  • a cozy campfire with marshmallows roasting
  • a hot bowl of soup for a chilly day
  • a family gathered around a Thanksgiving table
  • a warm and fuzzy sweater
  • a pie with your favorite filling
  • a cornfield with tall stalks
  • a harvest basket filled with goodies
  • a turkey with colorful feathers
  • a cozy cabin in the woods
  • a haystack with a friendly scarecrow
  • a squirrel with a fluffy tail
  • a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream
  • a fall wreath with leaves and acorns
  • a colorful fall tree with falling leaves
  • a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows
  • a Thanksgiving parade with balloons
  • a stack of colorful autumn books
  • a warm and cozy blanket fort
  • a harvest moon in the night sky
  • a basket of freshly baked bread
  • a squirrel collecting pinecones
  • a cornstalk with golden kernels
  • a cozy scarf with tassels
  • a turkey with feathers in all the colors of the rainbow
  • a harvest festival scene with games and food
  • a group of happy animals sharing a meal
  • a cozy quilt with colorful patches.

We hope your little artists have fun working on these November drawing prompts for kids. Filling a sketchbook with a month of short daily drawings is a wonderful way to celebrate the season. Keep those creative juices flowing and remember to encourage your child to take a few minutes to make art every day!

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