After last week’s disastrous bulky beanie incident, I finished up weaving in the ends for another, smaller gauge beanie.  I was really excited to make this one because it was in my new favorite color scheme – burgundy, pink, light blue, red, and mustard.  If the colors and striping look familiar, it’s because I was inspired by the Feminist Sweater.



No pics this week of me actually wearing the beanie, since I can’t take any selfies on my ancient iPhone.  It’s completely filled to capacity and begging me to replace it with a brand new fancy pink 6s.

What are you working on this week?



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    • Hi Nannee! I am not totally certain, but I think this pattern was out of one of those little pattern booklets they sell in the yarn aisle of Michael's. Pretty sure the name of the booklet was something like Slouchy Beanies or Celebrity Slouchy Beanies. Something like that. Hope that helps 🙂

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