March art prompts offer a fun way to spark your preschooler’s creativity throughout the month. Whether they’re illustrating a leprechaun with his pot of gold or drawing barnyard animals, kids will love these spring prompts. Your child will fill their sketchbook with a rainbow of imaginative art.

children drawing on paper with crayons.

What are art prompts for kids?

Art and drawing prompts are imaginative cues intended to spark a child’s creativity. Prompts can take various forms, ranging from single words or phrases to incomplete drawings that the child can finish. The following prompts are open-ended, allowing your child to envision each scene and freely explore whatever ideas come to mind.

Here are your March art prompts for preschoolers:

  • A springtime garden with blooming flowers
  • A rainbow reaching across the sky
  • An animal family waking up from hibernation
  • Kids playing in a garden
  • A colorful kite in the sky
  • Ducks swimming in a pond
  • An airplane flying through the sky
  • A spring picnic with your favorite snacks
  • A field with butterflies and bees
  • A shamrock with four leaves for good luck
  • A rainbow-colored caterpillar
  • A rainbow-colored butterfly
  • A colorful umbrella
  • A tiny house hidden in the forest
  • Two squirrels gathering nuts
  • A family of bunnies eating carrots
  • A leprechaun and his pot of gold
  • Kids walking in a parade
  • A sky full of kites of all shapes and colors.
  • A springtime tree with blossoms and birds
  • A pot of colorful flowers
  • A farmer’s barnyard and animals
  • A pond with frogs and lily pads
  • A family of ladybugs
  • A chicken sitting on her eggs
  • A field of cows
  • A schoolbus driving down the road
  • Some birds building a nest in a tree
  • A thunderstorm with lightning bolts
  • A lion and a lamb
  • A basket of colorful eggs

We hope your preschoolers have fun working through these March art prompts. Filling a sketchbook with a month of short daily drawings is a cheerful activity on early spring afternoons. Feed those imaginations and remember to encourage your child to take a few minutes to make art every day!

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