what i watched this month march 2021

Last month I went for all the familiar old shows, but this month was I was finally ready for something new.

March 2021: What I watched

American Detective (Discovery +): I find a lot of true crime stuff interesting but a lot of it is too upsetting for me to watch; this show is right on the line of what I can tolerate. The cases are disturbing, and there are a lot of graphic crime scene photos that were hard to look at. However, the way the police explained how they solved the cases was really well done, and worth watching some of it through my fingers.

Hometown (HGTV): I know I’m super late to the party on this one. Pretty sure I started watching it once before but was probably distracted and couldn’t get into it. This time I LOVED it – I also live in a small town and in the 10+ years we’ve lived here, so much of the town has changed. Dozens of charming older homes (in perfectly good condition) have been torn down and replaced with McMansions, so a show where people renovate to retain the charm of the town was exciting to me.

The Last Blockbuster (Netflix): I have no idea how I stumbled on this one, but I really enjoyed it. Apparently the last Blockbuster in America is in Bend, Oregon, and I was completely fascinated by the woman that manages this store. She was so resourceful in every area – she saved all of these computers from the other stores that went out of business for spare parts and figured out how to replace/ fix them when they break. She knits her own Blockbuster merch to sell on the store’s website. The further out we go from having video stores, the more I start to miss them. Not so much Blockbuster, but the little independent stores that would have the weird out of print movies you’d randomly stumble upon.

Long Shot (Netflix): This doc was crazy – a man was wrongly accused of murder, and the thing that saved him was the fact that Larry David had footage of him in the background of Curb Your Enthusiasm, confirming his alibi. What are the odds?!

What did you watch this month?


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