Looking for some fun summer family bucket list ideas?  We came up with 50 activities and a cute printable checklist you can post on your fridge to help you get started. There’s something for everyone – outdoor adventures, easy day trips, relaxing afternoons, and summer treats. Grab your bathing suit and let’s make some family memories!

summer family bucket list bucket and pail

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1 Spend a day at the beach

2 Go to the park

3 Play mini golf

4 Take a hike on a scenic trail

5 Make s’mores

6 Go camping

7 Visit a museum

8 Try geocaching

9 Visit an aquarium

10 Start a journal

11 Try stargazing

12 Visit the planetariium

13 Build a birdhouse for your yard

14 Play a game of tag

15 Run through the sprinklers

16 Learn to knit / crochet

17 Paint a picture

18 Visit a farmers market

19 Build a fairy house

20 Tie dye a shirt

21 Have breakfast for dinner

22 Go to a street fair

23 Visit a national park

24 Climb a tree

25 Have a water balloon fight

26 Have an ice cream social

27 Have a backyard BBQ

28 Visit the zoo

29 Take a road trip

30 Visit a quirky roadside attraction

31 See an outdoor concert

32 Visit a farm

33 Go berry picking

34 Learn to play guitar

35 Volunteer at a local food bank

36 Set up a lemonade stand

37 Play a board game

38 Blow bubbles

39 Hold a jump rope contest

40 Nap in a hammock

41 Plant a garden

42 Create a scrapbook

43 See a baseball game

44 Learn to surf

45 Go fishing

46 Go fossiling

47 Make popsicles

48 Collect seashells

49 Build a sandcastle

50 Sleep under the stars

free printable summer family bucket list, VW vintage bus with surfboards

Click here to download your printable summer family bucket list

Please note: bucket list is in a non-editable pdf file format. For personal, non commercial use only.

(Updated on 11/9/22)


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