cobberson dubious victory scarf

One of my goals this year is to try and put less pressure on myself to do everything (usually resulting in varying degrees of overwhelm) and do one or two relaxing crafts per month.  Nothing major.  This month, I wanted to do one infinity scarf and one scrapbook page.  We’re halfway through the month and I finished my scarf and there’s plenty of time left to do that scrapbook page!

The scarf I chose is A Dubious Victory by Anna Johnson and it is the perfect project for using up small quantities of stash yarn, or experimenting with color mixing.  The pattern is simple and relaxing and the scarf is reversible.  

Materials used: 

Size 9 circular

Fable Fibers Biography dk merino (not sure of the colorway, as it was part of a club subscription a few years back)

Louisa Harding Albero worsted cotton/ rayon blend in Color 11 Denim

Sublime dk cashmere merino silk in shade 0105

cobberson dubious victory scarf
Taking a bath

cobberson dubious victory scarf
Still blocking

Unfortunately, it’s still blocking, so I don’t have any photos where I’m wearing it, but I’ll post one soon.  I can’t wait to wear it-  it’s so soft and squishy <3


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