Did you know there is a World Gratitude Day? It is observed every year on September 21st.

Gratitude is the simple yet profound emotion of being thankful. For preschoolers, understanding and expressing this concept can be achieved through some age-appropriate activities. In this post, we have 10 activities and other tips that will help your child understand and practice gratitude on World Gratitude Day and every day.

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What is World Gratitude Day about for kids?

Gratitude is “a strong feeling of appreciation to someone or something for what the person has done to help you.” – Cambridge Dictionary. World Gratitude Day is intended to remind people to stop and think about the good things in their lives and show their appreciation for others. Kids can do this by saying thank you to others and/ or performing acts of kindness.

How do you explain how to express gratitude to young children?

Children model adults behavior, so a great way to start is by saying thank you in your everyday life. By thanking teachers, store employees, librarians, etc,, and showing appreciation, kids will begin to follow your lead.

What are gratitude activities?

Gratitude activities are exercises and practices designed to nurture and express feelings of appreciation and thankfulness.

10 gratitude activities and crafts for preschoolers

Here are some fun hands on activities that your child will enjoy:

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt: Fun Way For Kids To Be Thankful (Free)

This free printable gratitude scavenger hunt is a creative and fun way to help kids be thankful, talk about favorites, and more.

Free Thank You Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults

Tell those you love how much you appreciate everything that they do with these free thank you coloring pages

Make an Easy Morse Code Bracelet to Teach Thankfulness

Making a Morse code bracelet is a super fun and easy activity to do with your child. They are also a great reminder of what you are thankful for.

Thanksgiving Tic-Tac-Toe Gratitude Activity For Kids

A fun gratitude activity for kids, this version of tic-tac-toe contains gratitude prompts for kids that are perfect to use on Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Bulletin Board for Preschool

A simple, but meaningful, Thanksgiving bulletin board in preschool. Created using kids’ ideas and artwork about being thankful!

Cornucopia Craft for Kids- Cultivate Thankfulness!

This easy cornucopia craft is a great way for kids to think of all that they are thankful for this Thanksgiving season!

Thankful Turkey Bucket Craft

This Thankful Turkey Bucket is a great fall craft for kids to make at home or at school. The turkey bucket is a cute activity and decoration.

Thank You Coloring Card

Get a free printable thank you coloring card. There are 5 free printable designs to choose from! There is also a blank version.

Gratitude Craft

Teach your kids about gratitude with this fun, messy gratitude craft using simple art supplies to form words!

100 Gratitude Quotes for Kids

100 Gratitude Quotes for Kids: Gratitude turns what we have into enough – Gratitude and attitude are not challenges; they are choices

What other things can preschoolers do?

Reading stories with grateful characters or narratives that emphasize the importance of saying thank you can help preschoolers understand the concept in a relatable context.

Find age-appropriate volunteer opportunities that you can do together as a family, such as participating in a neighborhood cleanup or donating gently used toys. These activities not only instill a sense of gratitude but also promote empathy and compassion.

Teaching preschoolers to appreciate nature fosters gratitude for the environment. Try outdoor activities such as planting flowers, observing birds, or going on nature hikes. Use these experiences to discuss the beauty of nature and express thanks for the wonders of the natural world.

More activities for preschoolers:


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