100 day project #the100dayproject ideas


This year’s #The100DayProject starts in one just one week! If you’ve never heard of it before, it’s a fun annual online art project where you choose a project (more on that later) and attempt to work on it every day for 100 days, while documenting it on Instagram using hashtag #The100DayProject. It’s SUPER LOW PRESSURE – I just want to stress this because every year everyone starts berating themselves for falling behind, and that is not the point of the whole thing. It’s truly about the process, and getting yourself into the habit of working on your project every day, even if it is for 5 minutes.  Also, if you don’t consider yourself artistic or creative, that’s totally fine, and you should still give it a go. People pick projects all the time that are not inherently art based, such as writing 100 inspirational sayings, or taking photos of heart shapes they find in everyday life.  But you’re still CREATING, and that is a great habit to get into.

Last year, I decided to do 100 new mugs for my Etsy shop, which was way too ambitious for me at the time, so I made about 20 and then decided to just do anything creative every day for the rest of the time. I failed to document my progress, which I regret in hindsight, because nothing makes me feel more excited than a checked off to-do list (nerd.) .

This year, I want to use only the supplies I have on hand to create a number of small projects over the 100 days. I have a dozen 4×4″ canvases that I want to use to make little mini paintings, and a ton of yarn that needs to get used up (probably turned into hats and scarves).

More information can be found at #The100DaysProject and be sure to sign up for the newsletter. It’s not spammy and they send a nice little inspirational message every day to help you keep going.  There’s a Facebook group too, if you’re into that, but most of the action is on IG.  If you have questions, check out the FAQ. Can’t wait to see your projects!

PS- Elise Joy also has a free printable tracker for this challenge and filling in those little scantron style circles is SO SATISFYING.


100 day project #the100dayproject ideas




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