Well, there’s a headline I never expected to write, but here we are. A month in to this pandemic, and our new normal still feels strange. When you feel like you’ve watched every movie, put together every puzzle, and really want something else to do, here are some ideas for fun things you can do with your kids while still social distancing:

-Fly a kite

-Blow bubbles

-Make happy new art to hang in your windows

-Plant flowers

-Climb a tree

-Make popsicles

-Have a picnic in the backyard

-Make a bird feeder

-Watch a thunderstorm

-Go birdwatching

-Make a fairy garden

-Dance in the rain

-Wash the car

-Make a suncatcher

-Camp out in the backyard

-Watch a sunrise and a sunset

-Make homemade ice cream

-Have a dance party

-Build a rain gauge

– Try a new craft

-Have a backyard movie night

-Bake a pie

-Create an obstacle course

-Plant a tree

-Go star gazing

-Organize a book swap

-Pick wildflowers

-Make sidewalk chalk pictures

-Do some spring cleaning

-Pick dandelions and make crowns

-Build a tree house

-Hunt for 4 leaf clovers

-Build a blanket fort

-Make a new seasonal playlist

-Start an art journal

-DIY gifts for friends & family 

-Make homemade soup

-Have a home spa day

-Start a scrapbook

-Create your own board game




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