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What is more fun than a taco themed classroom door?

This year, I volunteered to help the second graders decorate their classroom door with a colorful summer theme and our teacher sent me some fun ideas.  My son liked this taco theme the best, so I made my own version using PicMonkey.  There are two sizes for the tacos, large (fits two per page) and small (fits six per page).

I don’t get the chance to volunteer very often at school, but when I do, I love anything where I get to do some kind of arts and crafts with the kids (or reading to them, but that’s for another post).  In the past, I’ve had the kids create stained glass (aka tissue paper) butterfly suncatchers to hang on the classroom windows, and stuffed paper bag owls (would not recommend that one), and have finally figured out years later what works in the 45 minutes you get to do this stuff. The mistake I’ve made before is being way too ambitious with what elementary school kids can get done in a short amount of time. Cutting out templates to decorate or lots of pieces to stick on to things takes FOREVER and often a bunch of children want to start over because they think their cutting doesn’t look that great.

I printed everything directly onto construction paper and learned two things: 1. construction paper comes just a smidge too wide for my printer, so I had to cut all the sheets a little narrower, and 2. for some reason, the red sheets didn’t want to feed into the printer. The red paper seemed a little softer than the other colors and kept getting crumpled and jammed.  Cardstock would probably be a better option. Then I cut all the pieces out, keeping the lettering together so it would be easier to hang up.

The kids each wrote their favorite memory of second grade on the large tacos, and if they wanted to, they could also decorate one of the small ones with whatever they wanted. I assumed there would just be a fun mix of sizes for the door, but it turned out the vast majority of the children decided to decorate the small tacos and bring them home to give to mom/ dad/ sibling, which was so sweet!

cobberson classroom decoration


Our taco themed classroom door looked awesome and the kids came up with so many fun memories of their year.

cobberson taco classroom door decoration

Click here to download the free printables 

Feel free to share but please link back to this post, NOT directly to the print file. For personal, non commercial use only. You may use at home or the classroom. Thanks!

If you make this taco theme classroom door in your own school, I would love to see your pics!  Drop them in the comments below.

(Reposted 3/2023)


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