Looking for some fun spring family bucket list ideas?  We came up with 50 activities and a cute printable checklist you can post on your fridge to help you get started. There are tons of fun indoor things to do when the weather isn’t cooperating, as well as lots to enjoy outside. Let’s make some family memories!

spring family bucket lists ideas - two children riding bikes away from the camera

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1 Take a road trip

2 Fly a kite

3 Go bowling

4 Plant flowers

5 Climb a tree

6 Play a round of mini golf

7 Make popsicles

8 Have a picnic in the park

9 Feed the ducks

10 Make a pinecone bird feeder

11 Watch a thunderstorm

12 Visit the state fair

13 Go birdwatching

14 Make a fairy garden

15 Visit a flea market

16 Dye eggs

17 Have a garage sale

18 Go bike riding

19 Dance in the rain

20 Visit the zoo

21 Wash the car

22 Make a suncatcher

23 Watch an outdoor concert

24 Go camping

25 Visit a new town

26 Watch a sunrise and a sunset

27 Make homemade ice cream

28 Play a new board game

29 Visit the farmers market

30 Have a dance party

31 Go for a hike on an interesting trail

32 Visit the library

33 Try a new craft

34 Have a backyard movie night

35 Bake your favorite pie

36 Create an obstacle course

37 Plant a tree

38 Go star gazing

39 Play tennis

40 Organize a book swap with friends

41 Set up a lemonade stand

42 Pick wildflowers

43 Volunteer

44 Make sidewalk chalk pictures

45 Do some spring cleaning

46 Take family photos

47 Pick strawberries

48 Build a tree house

49 Hunt for 4 leaf clovers

50 Go on a backyard scavenger hunt

free printable winter family bucket list, blank checklist with flowers

Click here to download your spring family bucket list

Please note: bucket list is in a non-editable pdf file format. For personal, non commercial use only.

(Updated on 02/19/23)


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