free printable spring bucket list

Spring is finally here and it’s time to get outside already. Let’s get going! Here are 50 fun family activities plus a printable bucket list for you to check off.

Spring bucket list

1 Take a road trip

2 Fly a kite

3 Blow bubbles

4 Plant flowers

5 Climb a tree

6 Play mini golf

7 Make popsicles

8 Have a picnic in the park

9 Feed the ducks

10 Make a bird feeder

11 Watch a thunderstorm

12 Visit the state fair

13 Go birdwatching

14 Make a fairy garden

15 Visit a flea market

16 Dye eggs

17 Have a garage sale

18 Go bike riding

19 Dance in the rain

20 Visit the zoo

21 Wash the car

22 Make a suncatcher

23 Watch an outdoor concert

24 Go camping

25 Visit a new town

26 Watch a sunrise and a sunset

27 Make homemade ice cream

28 Play a new board game

29 Visit the farmers market

30 Have a dance party

31 Build a rain gauge

32 Visit the library

33 Try a new craft

34 Have a backyard movie night

35 Bake a pie

36 Create an obstacle course

37 Plant a tree

38 Go star gazing

39 Play tennis

40 Organize a book swap

41 Set up a lemonade stand

42 Pick wildflowers

43 Volunteer

44 Make sidewalk chalk pictures

45 Do some spring cleaning

46 Take family photos

47 Pick strawberries

48 Build a tree house

49 Hunt for 4 leaf clovers

50 Play bocce ball


free printable spring bucket list


Happy spring everyone!

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