cobberson printable school schedule


School is starting soon, and many of our children will be attending virtually for part of, if not all, the week.  With almost three months of virtual learning under our belt this past spring, I feel much better prepared to help my kids stay on track (and keep my own sanity) than I did before.  This year once again, I’ll have a middle schooler and and an elementary schooler, who obviously have very different schedules and workloads. I found that the act of just going over which classes the kids had every morning and writing it down on this sheet was really helpful for both them and me (I would also have them individually look up what all their assignments were for the day and write it all down on a checklist so they could check off each assignment as they completed it. It forced them to read the teacher instructions more carefully) . Every hour I could check in with them and just say ok, you’re moving on to math next, or whatever, and it helped a ton with keeping track of random zoom meetings.

Download the schedule here.

Select “Shrink to fit” in your printer settings so the edges don’t get cut off.  Printables are for personal, non-commercial use only; files are not editable and are meant to be printed out as-is and filled in by hand.

Good luck this semester! Find more virtual learning resources here.


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