Looking for cute Father’s Day crafts for kids to make? This instant-photo inspired free-printable card will make a memorable keepsake for Dad! Preschool aged kids and older will be able to create this card, though parents may need to add the handwritten caption.

Father's Day card craft preschool - showing a polaroid style photo outline and a chlid's crayong drawing. photo is labeled "me and dad playing lego star wars." free printable

My assistant is at the age now where all of his artwork comes home with an interesting caption (“‘my family at the beach”; “me on a ferris wheel”). I decided to make this instant photo-style card where he could draw a picture and add his caption. It’s perfect for all occasions, not just Father’s Day.

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How to make the Father’s Day card craft

Materials Needed:

  • Free printable card template
  • White cardstock or construction paper
  • Crayons / colored pencils / markers
  • Scissors
  • Optional: Stickers, glitter, or any other decorations of your choice

Step 1: Print the Father’s Day card template and gather your craft supplies

Father's Day card craft preschool - free printable polaroid style pic blank

Download and print the free card template. Don’t cut out or fold the card yet. It’s easier for your preschooler to work on drawing and decorating when they can hold the full size sheet.

Click here to download the printable card template

Step 2: Draw a picture of Dad

Father's Day card craft preschool - free printable polaroid style pic with dad

Ask your child to draw a picture of their dad inside the polaroid template. They can draw anything that they love about dad – his smile, favorite hobbies, or anything that represents their special bond.

My son drew a couple different pictures, one of them surfing together (which they don’t actually do yet, but I guess he thinks that would be fun?), and one of them playing Lego Star Wars. Both of these are things that are like snapshots of of their special relationship at this age.

Step 3: Decorate your card

Once the picture is complete, it’s time to let your kid’s creativity shine! Break out all the fun art supplies – colored pencils, markers, and any other decorations they desire. They can add fun details, write messages, or decorate the rest of the card to make it uniquely special for dad.

My assistant chose to leave the background blank this time and just color in the stars. He was really proud of his work!

Step 4: Cut and fold your Father’s Day card crafts

Carefully cut out the card along the outer edges. You may want to use a paper cutter for this, if you have one, for a super straight edge. Fold the card base in half, ensuring a neat crease. You’re all done! If your child made this craft, I would love to see it! Let us know in the comments below.

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As I said earlier, even though I designed this card as Father’s Day crafts for kids to make, it can be used for virtually any holiday or occasion.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing dads out there!


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