This diy embroidered corner bookmark is the perfect Friends gift idea. It’s quick, inexpensive, and you can add it to a great book.and give it to your bestie. Or make a bunch to give to your Galentine’s Day crew as party favors.

Friends peephole frame corner bookmark DIY - purple felt bookmark with gold embroidery detail

What you’ll need to make the DIY embroidered corner bookmark:

1 sheet purple felt (mine is from Michael’s)

1 sheet Sulky Fabri-Solvy (can also use tracing paper)

Embroidery floss in yellow and purple ( mine is Sublime stitching floss in 601 Ultra Violet & 012 Joni)

Frame template- click here to download

Embroidery needle


Print out the frame template onto a sheet of Sulky Fabri-Solvy (I managed to misplace mine, so I did a last minute substitution onto tracing paper).  If you’ve never used Fabri-Solvy before, see my embroidered slogan sweater post for more info on how it works. It’s magic. Anyway, set the printer settings are set to printing wallet size photo (2×3) and print out.  Cut a 3×3 square of purple felt and cut out the frame template, leaving at least a 1/2″ border. Take the backing off the Solvy and stick it on to the felt (if using tracing paper, pin to the felt so it doesn’t move around while you embroider).

Using the chain stitch, embroider over the frame outline. You can go right through the paper with your embroidery, we’ll remove it later.

DIY friends peephole frame embroidered bookmark

Once you’ve finished your embroidering, it will look like this and it’s time to remove the paper. Rinse under very warm water to remove the solvy (if using tracing paper, tear away carefully. I used the embroidery needle to help me pull the paper off from the areas inside the frame). Let dry.

DIY friends peephole frame embroidered bookmark

Ok, so now we’re here and looking oh so Friends-y:

DIY friends peephole frame embroidered bookmark

Cut another 3×3 square of purple felt and place underneath the embroidered piece:

DIY friends peephole frame embroidered bookmark

Using fabric scissors or sharp scissors, round the corner. Make sure your scissors are sharp or it tugs the felt when you cut and then your edge looks fuzzy instead of crisp.

Friends tv show gift idea - DIY embroidered bookmark

Using your purple floss, whipstitch around the two sides with the frame:

Friends tv show gift idea - DIY embroidered bookmark

Finally, cut your square diagonally like so:

DIY friends peephole frame embroidered bookmark

And voila- a super cute little corner bookmark:

Friends tv show gift idea - DIY embroidered bookmark

A note on gifting a book with this bookmark:

One of my favorite things ever on Instagram was finding a letterboard that said, “Just saw a person reading my favorite book… it’s like a book recommending a person.” It’s SO TRUE. Especially when it comes to those books that are very specific to your kind of humor. The book I’m using in the picture above is Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson, which came ever so highly recommended by one of my girlfriends, and it’s the funniest book I’ve ever read. Like I had to stop reading it on the train because I was laughing so hard everyone was staring at me. That’s the kind of book you need to give with this bookmark. One that says whoever loves this book is my kind of person.

Happy bookmarking, my friends!


4 Comments on DIY embroidered corner bookmark : Friends peephole

  1. Hi, Kym. I’m making corner bookmarks as gifts for my study group. Thank you for sharing your method.
    I love, love, love that book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened!!! I’ve never laughed so hard!
    I used to read it to my truckdriver friend at night, to help him stay awake, and he cracked up too. But – one of my friends tried to read it and didn’t find it funny at all. I couldn’t believe it, but she said it’s too close to the jumbled reality of her own brain, as she has ADD & anxiety. Ironically, she finds David Sedaris books very funny, and I find them rather depressing. And that’s why we say, to each his own.

    • That’s so interesting! It’s a pretty specific book I suppose. I recommend it to some friends but not all. I love that you read it to your truck driver friend!

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