I found these two fabrics at JoAnn’s and just needed to find a way to use them STAT.

That yellow plaid reminded me of Cher’s outfit in Clueless:


and the brown floral made me think of a cute little sundress Winona would wear:


So I decided to combine them with one of my other favorite trends from the 90’s – chokers.  It was a super simple project, with just a few materials.  Cute, huh?




Trim the fabric to fit your metal blanks.

 Apply a layer of Mod Podge gloss to the metal blank and lay the fabric on top.  You may want to paint the area under the fabric white beforehand, since I noticed the fabric did become slightly darker once it was Mod Podged.  Allow to dry and fill the blank with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic. Allow to dry.

Attach the finished fabric charm to the leather choker using a pair of pliers and a jump ring.

If you were unable to find jump rings that were the same color as your blanks,  just paint them with acrylic paint and a foam brush.

That’s it- super quick and easy 🙂


So now I’m on a mission to bring back chokers.  There may be a few more versions on the way…

Find more DIY project tutorials here.  Happy crafting!


*Just an FYI – I didn’t steal these pictures from grungecraft.com.  That’s one of my defunct blogs 🙂



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