If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that the reason I haven’t been super active online the past year is because I was busy.  Busy making a new life:

cobberson baby foot


As any mom-to-be (pre mom? future mom?) knows, you are exhausted and uncomfortable while waiting for baby to show up.  Even though this wasn’t my first time around, I was surprised by how my creative mojo was completely sapped. If i remember correctly (and that’s a big IF), I was tired while prego with my other kids, but happily knitted every day as I always would.  This time, I had terrible insomnia that lasted right up to the end, only sleeping between two to four hours a night. As you can imagine, going without sleep took its toll and I really had to push myself to get through a small number of projects, and get my Etsy orders shipped out.

It’s really hard for me to accept when I can’t work on my side projects because I’m not feeling well, or I have to work late at my day job, or whatever it is that’s out of my control.  I start to get antsy and irritable. So now that I have this new little one, I need to focus my energy on him and somehow fit in tiny spurts of creativity wherever I can.  Whether it’s knitting a few rows, taking some photos, working on one page of a scrapbook, or something else that can be completed randomly and within a short span, I need to do it and do it daily.


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