Need some easy art projects ideas for your family’s next craft night? It doesn’t have to be that complicated! You don’t have to all do the same craft, nor do you have to have start and complete your project that same evening. The most important thing about craft night is to have fun with your family (or friends) while making something. I’ve hosted craft nights that have run the gamut from everyone bringing a bag with whatever they’re currently working on to someone coming to do a demonstration and we all tried it* to everyone working on different parts of a single project we gave as a gift to a friend.  All of these were incredibly fun and were full of great conversation, and were attended by veteran crafters, newbies, and kids.

glass jar holding purple painbrushes

Easy art projects ideas

If you need some inspiration on what to make, here are some ideas for you:

  1. Embroider / paint an ornament or a corner bookmark
    • For a simple design that can be finished in one evening, try embroidering a word or name onto some colorful printed fabric.
  2. Make a mini scrapbook
    • Pick a narrow subject for your book, such as the first day of school (where you can tell the story in a few pics and a few written phrases ) as opposed to a big subject, such as Elementary School (which can be an overwhelmingly large project, because it’s such a big time frame).
  3. Art journal
    • These are fun and there’s no right or wrong way to do one. It’s kind of like a cross between a sketchbook and a regular journal. Lots of ideas on Pinterest.
  4. Frame and embellish a map/ photo from a favorite trip
  5. Mug cozy
  6. Wine bottle cozy or funny accessory
  7. Embroider a tiny motif onto a handkerchief
    • Initials, date, little sketch
  8. Frame and embellish a favorite recipe
    • Grandma’s famous sourdough recipe would make a great addition to your kitchen
  9. Work on your hand lettering
  10. Paint little fruit and veggie markers for your garden
    • Unfinished wood signs are inexpensive and easy to find
  11. Stencil some kitchen jars
    • Label those sugar and flour canisters with a pretty font
  12. Personalize a cute cover for your journal or notebook
  13. Craft a cardboard weaving loom and create a small woven artwork
  14. Knit/ crochet some squares to join into a blanket
    • This is the only time I’ll ever tell you to make sure you have the correct gauge 😀
  15. Fill up a photo album
    • Literally bring your box of loose pictures and stick them in an album already.

Pick an idea from the list, put out some snacks and drinks (or have everyone bring something) and you’re all set. Let’s get crafting!

Updated 12/22


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